March 31, 2013

Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs on a Target Budget

Happy Easter!!!   Hope you guys are having a great Easter weekend.

I thought today I would share one of several design board packages for one of my clients.

Most people are on a strict budget when it comes to decorating their home.  I know I am!   I am always  going for a high end look on a low end budget.  I splurge when I can if it comes to a statement piece, but the rest of the time I try to cut corners by doing DIY projects and finding knock-off versions for less.

I was recently contacted by Anna who lives in Oregon with her kiddos.  She wanted to have Room Board Packages, completed on a smaller budget, for several rooms in her home.

So we got started on the Family Room first.  Anna wanted it to be comfy, cozy, and family friendly.  She was not afraid to do DIY projects or find things second hand and re-purpose the items.   I designed the room around the idea that some items such as her coffee table and the fireplace would become DIY projects.

Here is the Design I came up with to accommodate her family...

Source List and Hints and Tips

White Bookcase

One of these on either side of the fireplace to balance out the wall over there.  Great to put some baskets on to store the kiddos toys, books and games.

Silver Mirror

To go above the white bookcase on the left of the fireplace.  It will mimic the window on the right to give the feel of a second window.

Basket for throws or kids toys

One of these next to the tv unit to put your throw blankets in or for more toy storage.

Ikea Frames
You will need three gray frames for over the tv unit.  Maybe some black and white photos of the kiddos to go in them.  Put the first one up centered over the tv and then space the other two out about 6 -8 inches away.


This print is expensive so since you don’t mind doing a diy project, I would head to the craft store and get a canvas and some deep yellow, gray, black, brown, and white paint and a few brushes and just have some fun creating something similar to this.  I always add a tiny bit of black to colors like the yellow and mix them together so that they are not too bright.  Then for the gray you can mix in a bit of white to lighten it up.  I would do two different shades of gray and gold to add a bit of depth.  If you mess up, let it dry, and go over it a bit in the areas you don’t like.  To get the black trim around the edge when you are all finished painting it and it is completely dry, use some blue painters tape and a ruler and tape it off and then paint the black around the trim and on the sides of the canvas.  Just have fun with it.  Make sure the canvas is large enough to fit in that spot over the fireplace.

Definitely check craigslist or Homegoods for one.

Would be nice on a console table behind the couch or on the coffee table.  Homegoods sometimes has them too.

Side Tables
On clearance right now for $55
One on either side of the couch.

Lamp Shade

Lamp Base

If you don’t like the gray, You can even just do a plain linen colored curtain.  Check target they have them.


I tried to go with as much of Target’s version of Pottery barn style that I could as far as pricing for you.  Things like the storage baskets for the shelf or the larger one in the design board can be found at Homegoods, TJMaxx, or marshalls.  The pillows are a bit of a splurge but if you can’t purchase them then also check Homegoods,  Tjmaxx, and marshalls for similar ones.  Items like the bookcases might be found at Goodwill or other thrift stores.  Just make sure that they fit the space well.  You want them to have a built in look so as close to the size of the space as possible.  You may just need to put a coat of white paint on each one if you find it at a yard sale or something.

I would paint your tv unit black and get another two of the brown basket that you have on the left of the tv unit in the picture you sent me to add to the unit.

I would also suggest finding a simple shaped rectangle console table painted in a natural wood to go behind the couch underneath the windows.  You can put a few stacked books off to the right with a cloche on top of the books with some greenery underneath the cloche.

I would paint the coffee table white if you are keeping it as is with the glass in it or I would paint the legs and base a dark brown, have a piece of thin luan wood cut to fit (lowes does the cutting for free or extremely cheap for you) and then do a diy tufted ottoman like this link:

I would do a plain linen colored fabric with the brown legs base.
Put the white dish on the top of the right bookcase and then the vase on the top left of the console table that’s behind the couch.  Add some fake branch flowers similar to the ones you can find on pottery barn.  I know that Target is currently selling the cherry blossom type branches in store so you may want to check them out.

Bring in your clear glass candle holders to reuse and put them on the top of the white bookcase that is on the left side of the fireplace.  Put the larger candle holder far left and have the smaller one just next to it put more forward than the larger one.  Fill the vases with Epsom salt and candles.

For the fireplace, you can take off the top shelf piece and replace it with a large piece of reclaimed wood or get a piece of lumber cut to fit from lowes or home depot and stain and paint to look like reclaimed wood.  For the sides of the fireplace, I suggest framing it out similar to the picture I chose for the design board and then adding new tile in the sea glass color that I suggested.  There is also subway sea glass if you would like it to look larger.  I can send a link to a couple of the sea glass ones that I like if you want to go with something like that.  For demolition, all of the original tile will need to be taken down.  It would be great if you could take the wood look all the way up and paint it out white like they did in the image.  Depending on the amount of work you feel comfortable doing, you may want to hire someone complete the fireplace project for you.
If you have any questions regarding anything, please feel free to contact me, thanks so much, Helen

The After pics of Anna's Family Room are not here yet since she is in the midst of the Family Room Makeover, but here are some of the Before pics she sent me so that I could get started on the design...

 This is the wall looking into the room.  Anna was really hoping to change up the fireplace design. Since there was only one window on the right, I came up with a design that would balance the room out by placing a bookcase on either side of the fireplace and adding a mirror on the left hand side to give some reflection similar to the window on the right.

 This tv unit will be painted black and will possibly have some black and white pictures placed inside gray Ikea frames on the wall above.

The white sheers will be replaced with these pretty gray Threshold drapes from Target.

Threshold™ Jacquard Ikat Window Panel

Here are the Target bookcases that I think will fit well on either side of the fireplace.

Threshold™ Cottage 2-Shelf Bookcase - White

Last One-Both Sides-19x19-(fits 20X20 Insert)Decorative Pillow Cover-Geometric Diamond Print Home Decor Fabric-Turquoise-White-Throw Pillow

A fun patterned pillow that will accent each end of the couch.

Black Walls Rustic Fireplace

Here is the inspiration for the fireplace.  Although Anna doesn't need the pretty platform base, this will at least give her the option to create a similar finish to her fireplace.

Next up is the post for the kitchen and pantry design to accompany this family room!

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March 30, 2013

HomeGoods Finds for our Home Makeover

I mentioned in my post yesterday that the HomeGoods in our area opened up over the weekend.  So as any NORMAL person would do, I stopped in for DAILY visits since Friday evening.  

From Friday to Monday, the store got completely picked over.  I may have been a little at fault for that. ;-)

When those doors opened, I went into stealth mode.  They said they would tag items for us that were large and they would have them brought to the front.  It was AWESOME!  Well, I thought so, but the poor boy, who looked like it was his first day of work EVER, was like a deer in head lights when we came through the doors. 

 No worries,  I spotted him on Monday and he looked like an old pro.

I had a large list of items that I was on the look out for.  I have been looking for specific counter height bar stools since I saw that someone online had purchased them at their HomeGoods recently.  I wanted some throw blankets,white rolling desk chairs for the office makeover, artwork for the entryway, desk lamps for the office, and some accessories. 

 The turquoise and white solid chevron patterned throws where $25 each.  Which to me was a great price because they look like a knock off from Pottery Barn's throw blankets (see below) that are selling for $79.  

Grand Chenille Throw

 I also picked up a couple of 18 x 18 throw pillows to bring in more of the chartreuse green.  They are a little deeper in color than the picture is showing.  HomeGoods had tons of these in different patterns and colors.  My mum picked up the same ones in gray for her couch.

I ended up finding the exact stools that I had been searching for. I know that my friend was talking to me at the same moment that I made eye contact with these babies, but I couldn't tell you for the life of me what she was talking about since I sort of yelled, "Oooh, there they are" and took off on a slight sprint.  Did I mention I was on a mission, lol.  Do you ever zone people out while you are shopping or is it just me?  I'm usually good about it, unless I know that 50 people are behind me wanting to buy up HomeGoods ;-)

Here is the chair that I purchased for the office.  I was able to get two of them for $99 each.  It was a great deal since they are running around $200-$250 online.  We are going to put a desk area in the back part of the office and these are the chairs that I had hoped to find for Dustin and I.  

I found the two brown spheres in small and medium to go on my console table or somewhere in the house and I found this sunburst mirror to possibly go above the unit.  It is made of metal and has a brown and light turquoise finish.  I like the mix of color that it has and I think once the walls in the hallway are painted a shade of gray, the sunburst will stand out nicely.

I think overall, this was a very successful shopping trip and makes me even happier knowing I got some really good deals on stuff for our house.

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March 29, 2013

Navy and White Chevron Rugs Arrived!!!

I would like to say that this post is strictly about our new rugs that just came in, but, well, it seems to have more to do with our little buddy who wouldn't leave me alone while I tried to take pics of the rugs.  

Last night, Santa arrived, or as I like to call him Mr. UPS.  We just finished dinner when the delivery came, so we cleared everything out of the morning room and put the new rug down.

 I have held off for awhile on picking a rug for the house.  Do you do that when it comes to bigger items for your home?  It's such a big decision.  It is easy for me to go with a safe neutral, but a bit tougher when I want a larger piece and I know I am spending a bit more money on.   I had a few in mind, but recently narrowed it down to a Navy Chevron Rug.  I got this one and the hall runner on the 50% off deal at Rugsusa.  I just checked their site and they actually have an even better deal, 60-80% off rugs for the Easter sale.  If you've been thinking about purchasing a rug, you may want to head over and have a gander.  

 I have to say, I really love it.  I was a bit nervous at first just bringing in some heavier colors, since we have had a lighter palette for awhile but it works great in the space and most importantly, Dozer seems to like it.

  I mean really liked it ;-)  

I tried to get several pictures of the rug by itself, but that never seemed to happen.  So if Dozer could talk he would say that the rug is soft and comfortable and rather Nap Worthy.

 Here is the runner for the front hall.  I like having something similar, whether it is pattern or color, in different parts of the house to tie it all together and make the spaces feel connected.

 Can you guess what's missing from this picture?  It's like Where's Waldo.  

Yup, he's back and apparently this rug makes you want to completely relax.  ;-)

I think that the runner adds a much needed punch of color to the space.  The sunburst mirror was a recent find from Homegoods and I'm still in debates over whether or not it should go here or somewhere else in the house. We will be painting the hall a light warm gray and also the morning room where the other rug is.  I think once it is all finished off, the space will feel even more inviting.  

I don't know if I got a chance to mention in a recent posts, but we just had a Homegoods open about 20 minutes from our house.  Ahhh!  My home away from home!  Their grand opening was Sunday.  I was able to go their soft opening Friday which was such a blast and I have been 3 more times since then.  Is that an addiction?  Do they have a limit to how many times you can visit or stay over  night?  I'm just throwin it out there.  Don't you think they should have HomeGoods Lock-ins for women, like they used to do at the Bowling Alley when I was little.  Just an idea HomeGoods ;-) 

I was able to find some really great things, so stop back by to see the next post!

Also,  Design Board Packages are still half off through Easter Sunday.  Email me if you are interested!

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March 25, 2013

Navy and Yellow Guest Room

I know, I know...  I have been working on quite a few Nautical Styled Designs for myself and several clients lately.  BUT, well, they are one of my favorite designs and I think that you can't go wrong with a Nautical kinda coastal vibe when decorating. 

I hope you are enjoying some of the different variations I have been putting together for this style.

I think the feel of a Nautical room can be accomplished with many different pallets of color such as the most popular Navy Pallet like this Dining Room Design Board or something a little softer like this Nursery Inspired Design that I recently created.

So, here's the shocker.  A local client of mine that I have been working with for a little bit now has asked if I would help with her guest rooms and Jack and Jill bathroom.  One guest room is near completion and just needs a few finishing touches while the other guest room was just waiting for a Makeover.  So she said, Helen I'm thinking Nautical for this room.  Ahh, music to my ears!

This is the design I came up with for her and her husband...

Source List

Navy Chair from Ethan Allen

Wall Stars

Magnifying Candle Sconce

Clear Glass Lamp Base

Navy Lamp Shade

Side Tables

They come as a set of two baskets but I did see some really cute baskets at Homegoods last night for a lot less so I would suggest checking that section out when you go over. 



Jan wanted it fresh and relaxing so I went with all white bedding from West Elm.  Since there is a little nook, I chose a large plush Navy Chair from Ethan Allen to fit in the space.  I also chose a Vintage Style Map to be framed from the places that this couple lived.  I think if you are going to bring in Art like this, why not make it personal to the family.  The map will fit nicely in the nook area too.  

The two types of material that I chose fit the Nautical feel but are not too themy.  Is that a word, Themy?  My auto correct says no, but I think it should be ;-)

The striped material will be brought in on the window treatments and the kinda funky navy and white fish scale material will be made into a throw pillow for the Navy Chair.  What do you think of the material?  Are you more of a subdued kinda person, a little bit funky, or a mix of both when it comes to picking materials for your home?

She really liked the idea of having a star of some sort in the room, but I didn't want it to feel so gimmicky, so I found a set of muted toned stars that I think will blend pretty well with the space.

My favorite item that I came across is the Magnifying glass candle holder from Pottery Barn that mounts to the wall.  I may have squealed when I saw it!  

Repose Gray is one of my new favorite grays and I tend to use it anywhere I want a lighter shade of warm gray, so we are going to paint both Guest Rooms in Repose Gray and go a shade or so darker for the adjoining bathroom.

When I sent Jan the Design Board Package, this was her reply...


I love it!!!  Everything about it is just perfect.  You definitely know my taste.  I like the stripe fabric for the window treatment and the other fabric for pillows.  It will be a lovely room.  My guests will not want to leave!


It's good to know I was on the right track with what she envisioned for the room.  I am completely thrilled that she loves it and can't wait to get in there to bring this room design to life.  So keep a look out for those posts in the coming weeks.

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March 24, 2013

Shed and Fence Completed!!

Hope your weekend has been going well.  Ours has been really great.  Last night I had a little date night out with the hubby.  Date nights have become almost obsolete in the past several months, so we are trying to make sure we get a little evening out here and there.  We ate at a great little Mexican Restaurant and went and watched Olympus Has Fallen.   Loved that movie!  Well at least I did in the end when I knew how it turned out.   So that covers my Saturday and then this morning, I got up WAY too early for a Sunday and headed over to my mum's house to pick her up for the Grand Opening of the new Homegoods in our area.  

They had a soft opening on Friday evening that we went too and it was AWESOME!   I got all sorts of good stuff on that trip.  New bar stools, new lamps and chairs for the office, and some fun green and white pillows that makes it feel a little more like Spring around here.

So since Spring is here officially, I thought I would give you a little update on our fence and shed project.  You can see the previous posts on the building of the fence and shed hereherehere, here, and here.   

 This is one of those projects that took quite a while.   I think possibly because it kept getting pushed back due to the weather but mostly our schedules over the summer.  So here is the way past due finishedISH shed and fence...

I really wanted to just have the shed be an extension of the house with the color combo.  Kinda like a mini me version.  

We still need to trim out the door with an x, put the horizontal black wood pieces across the shutters, and make a flower box for the window.

You can see the before post here.

Here is the fence before we painted and put the gate on the back...

And the shed before it was all trimmed out and painted...

And again here is the After...

We did a little searching around to decide the style of fence we wanted and both of us liked the quaintness of and price that comes with a 4 foot white picket fence.  We decided to add the chunkier sized base posts and larger cap. 

Now that I just finished this post it is sleeting and freezing cold outside, not at all like it looks in these pics ;-)

Have a great rest of the weekend and don't miss my next few posts on a Nautical Guest Room Design and a Pottery Inspired Family Room!

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March 20, 2013

Nautical Nursery #2

Hey guys!   It has been an unusually busy week around here.  I am looking forward to watching Survivor with the kiddos tonight and a much needed date night Saturday with my hubby. 

 The Bathroom Renovation has been on hold this past week since Dustin was out of town for three days and has been at the fire station the rest of the time.  I told him I would work on the bathroom while he was gone, but he said he wants to work on it together.  

Which you know is code for, "YOU MIGHT SCREW IT UP, so wait for me."   ;-)

So, I did just that.  This week, I continued on finishing up on a few Design Board Packages.  I have to say, I am kinda lovin working from home!  

I hope to soon be able to do my design work in the office once that's finished off,  BUT, WELL, you know that song that goes "Ti-i-i-ime is on my side, yes it is?"   Right, well, we are the opposite of that when it comes to having time for DIY projects, lol.   

But we do have a good chunk of available time coming up. Dustin will be off the entire month of April from the Fire Department, so we will be taking the first week off with the kiddos since it is their Spring Break and then we should have a couple big chunks of TIME to get the kids bathroom and at least one other room done.  Either the mudroom or the office or a bit of both.  

Today, I wanted to share a Design Package for a client who lives in Sydney, Australia.  When Mary contacted me, this is what she said, 

" I love your design board "navy and yellow nautical nursery."  It has given me some inspiration on planning for my son's nursery."

"I too would love a nautical yet relaxed nursery for my boy, however I was hoping to use a slightly different color scheme."

After Mary sent me some of the pictures of the rooms and answered several questions regarding room measurements, design style, and feel of the nursery, I was able to get started creating a space that I thought would work great for her family.

Here is the end result...

Not your typical nautical nursery, but it might just be my favorite!  She wanted it to be soft and a place that they could just relax with the baby.  I think it still has the nautical feel without being over done.  

The one thing I had to make sure was that she had access to all of the items from where she lived.  Another thing is that Australia doesn't have Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore, Ahhh!  So, Mary gave me her local paint shops and I color matched the paints to her paint stores.  

I always hope that the clients are going to love the room once I finish the design board and that I captured all of their wants and needs.  After sending Mary the Design Package (including, source list, design board, and room layout)  this is what I got back, 

"Good morning Helen, 

Words cannot describe how pleased I am with what you have put together for my family-it is exactly what I was after.  The mood board looks amazing!!!  I cannot wait till the items are placed in the nursery. 

I love how you incorporated the little fish and the pier boxes because I was eyeing these out ; )

In a year or so my hubby and I plan to renovate our home and I hope I can use your services again...  It has been a delight to have your input.  
With kindest regards, 

Dagum, I love my Job!!!  (I said that, not Mary)

Just having started my business up this past year has brought a lot of excitement and a lot of nervousness to make sure I do a good job and getting feedback like this makes my heart really happy!  

Here's a closer look at a few of the items for the Nursery... 

Possibly my favorite item in the room.  I can't get enough of them.  Wouldn't this be a quick and easy DIY to do too?  Paint it all out in one shade, add the white stripes or whatever color you are going for, and then finish up with the numbers.  You could even do a number that is significant to you.  The babies birth date spread out on to three separate boxes or something like that.

Such a fun and funky chair for a space!


I love the gray chevron pattern with a touch of yellow in the piping around the pillows and this gorgeous lemony yellow lumbar pillow.

The sheets are on the right.  They have a two toned effect.  The chevron comforter is on the left.  Such a soft and luxurious bedding set for the their little guy.  I wish it came in big people's size for me!

This was not on the mood board, but I don't like to jumble up the Design Board, so I add the other items on to the Sources File.

I just thought this keeps with the color of the bedding and accessories and if they move down the road, they can take this along for their little guy without having his measurements drawn on a wall.

I hope you liked the Design Board too and Mary said she would send pics when it is all done, so stay tuned for those.

Check back for my next really overdue Fence and Shed PRETTY MUCH finished Post ;-)

I am linking this design board to Beth blog Design Your Dwelling who is hosting this weeks party and her co-host Ali of House Vintage.  There are lots of great mood boards on Beth's weekly Mood Board Party if you want to check it out.

House Vintage

Have a great Wednesday!

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