November 19, 2013

Blue and Gold Living Room Makeover!

Have you gotten your Thanksgiving Menu together?  I'm the type of person to constantly try new dishes even though I should stick to what works.  There are some family favorites that I don't mess with, like the green bean casserole and the pumpkin pie, but I love finding new additions for the menu.  Since I am in charge of Thanksgiving dinner this year, I should probably get to work on the planning since I have just about a week and I will be out of town for two of the days.  

So while I go search for the yummiest recipes to possibly screw up ;)  I will leave you with my most recent Design Board Package.  I mentioned recently that I was working on a Living Room Design Board that would incorporate both new pieces and older pieces that the client owns.  The living room has a much more formal feel than what my client would like for the space, so I wanted to add some fun unique pieces that had a lot of character while still working with and mixing with the current pieces.

Here is the Design Board I created...

My inspiration came from these beautiful deep golden drapes that are already in the room.


From there I pulled different shades of blues and yellows to run throughout the space.  You can see the blue shading in these fun denim pillows.

Denim Pillow Cover
Why can't you bring denim pillows into a formal living room?  I say you can.  It adds a fun factor so that the room doesn't take itself too serious!

Here is another pretty pillow to lighten up the sofas.  It pulls the gold, but also the white that brightens up the space...

New 18x18 inch Designer Handmade Pillow Case in yellow and white lattice

The sofas and the rug will stay.  We are going to move the blue gray chair, to the right in the picture, into another room and bring in two of these gorgeous tall backed gray Kensington chairs...

The smaller sized coffee table will depart to make way for this larger more substantial piece...

 The current piece above the fireplace will go on the opposing map wall as we are calling it.
Above the mantel, I wanted something unique, something non rectangular.  So I am looking for an additional piece to go there.

 Since the space will have so many different pieces of photographic or scenic artwork, I wanted to break that up with an abstract piece of art that incorporates the color and has a lot of depth.  I chose this Beautiful piece that will do the trick...

Paris Mist Canvas Art

Over yonder is the infamous Map Wall.  It will house different maps from around the world and also various photographic pieces of art from different places.

Also flanking both sides of the entryway off to the right in the picture above, I wanted to add two over sized mirrors for a few different reasons.  One, because the size of the mirrors will help ground this rather large room.  Two, because the mirrors will reflect the colors throughout the room.  AND Three, because the detail work on the mirror pulls in some of the antique feeling from other pieces.

Here is a look at the mirrors that are on there way...

Thanks for having a look at my most recent space and if you missed yesterday's post for The Mohawk Home Rug Giveaway, you can click HERE to enter.

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November 17, 2013

Mohawk Rug Review and Giveaway!!!!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored on behalf of Mohawk Rugs.  All opinions are 100% my own.

 I had the opportunity recently to review a rug by Mohawk Home and I couldn't be more excited!

Mohawk has an amazing reputation for durability, is a trusted brand, and has contemporary patterns.  Also, their rugs are still made in America.  I was able to search various places online to find my Mohawk rug.  You can find Mohawk Home products in many different retail stores including Kohl's, Target, Overstock,Walmart, Home Depot and Lowe's.  Also, to find Mohawk rugs, you can search

For more details on Mohawk's rugs being made in America, have a look at this video on youtube.
Also, Be sure to check them out on social media. facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

So which rug did I decide on?  Well, I have been wanting to redecorate my daughter's room for a little while now.  I have a few pieces for her room, but I haven't had a chance to get started and I think the rug I chose from Mohawk has definitely put me in the mood to get it finished off.

I chose the gorgeous Ida's Garden Area Rug!

Mohawk Home Ida's Garden Area Rug
I thought this would be great for my daughter's bedroom theme.  Her room is just getting underway and this rug is just the inspiration we needed to start the whole process!

We were thrilled when it arrived!

We wanted to go ahead and put it in her room knowing that we were going to be switching out the all of the other furniture and accessories, so please forgive the space and just enjoy the lovely rug...

                    The rug is so soft and plush and the colors are so vibrant!  I am 100% satisfied with how well made it is.  My daughter loves it and is so excited to see the room come together now.

                    To go with Ida's Garden Rug I put together an updated Design Board for her room...

Mohawk has decided to not only allow me to review one of their rugs, but they also want YOU to have a chance to win a rug of your own!

Winner will receive a Mohawk rug up to size 5x8 and up to $150 in value.

Thanks #ilovemymohawkrug

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November 11, 2013

River Drive Project: Before Photos of the Kitchen and Demo

I'm not kiddin, when I tell you that watching a hammer bust through a wall makes me all happy and excited like it's Christmas morning! It just does.  It maybe kind of funny to get so invested in a home that is not even your own, but it becomes your baby.  Or you become the babysitter and get to give the kid back at the end.  Either way it's a win win!  

Yesterday I shared the Before Photos of the Family Room, which you can check out Here.

Today we are on to the KITCHEN.

Here are the Before Pics I took of the kitchen space...

I guess I should start by telling you that this is not a total demo on the kitchen.  There are parts of the kitchen that are getting demolished and then other parts are just getting all new updates.

The tile, counters, back splash, and upper left cabinets above sink are coming out.

The cabinet to the left will be staying, but the upper doors will come off to give it an open shelf feel across the top. 

 The bump out above the oven and the door way is getting taken back up to match the rest of the ceiling in the space.

No more botanical tile back splash. 

No more old tile counters. 

 The wall to the right is also getting bumped out to allow for more kitchen space and open shelving in that area.

 The stove will come down and the existing cabinet will be cut down and a new cabinet will be added to the left of the stove to make way for a trash receptacle.

Wall paper will come down throughout the house and main areas will all be White.  Colors will come in with accent pieces and lighting.  Turquoise is going to be the main accent color.  

And Finally the tile floor is gone to make way for the new flooring throughout the family room and kitchen.


Underneath the tile was this old linoleum flooring. 


The tile was taken off the top of the laminate counters.  The laminate counters will come up too so that new counters can go down. 

Here is the area where all of the existing back splash was, but when tile and walls are that old, a lot of the time, the wall likes to come along with tile.  A new piece of drywall and it will be good as new. 

This is the area that will get pushed out into the hallway to make more space in the kitchen.  The cabinet will get extended. All in all, we are off to a great start!

 A view from the family room towards the kitchen and hallway.

Thanks for Checking out the River Drive Project!

Check in tomorrow for a Design Board Package that I created for the Living Room at my client Jen's House and don't miss this Friday for the chance to enter a really great Giveaway!  Giveaway Hint: It will warm your toes?

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November 09, 2013

River Drive Project: Before Photos of the Family Room Demo

Over the past couple weeks, I have been working on the beginning phases of a project for a client who wants to turn her home into a Getaway!  Particularly, a Greek Mediterranean Getaway.  So to get started, the contractors and I have gone over everything and the demo phase has begun.

I never thought when getting into decorating that being a project manager would become a large part of my job, but on the past several projects I have had the opportunity to take the reins and oversee the project from start to finish.  I'd have to say keeping everything balanced, running on time, and all the while keeping everyone happy are the major factors for having the job run smoothly.

So let's take a look at some of the BEFORE photos I took of the family room space on my first meeting with my client..

Family Room

This area looks out not only on to an Amazing water view, but also to the future home of their horse pasture.
This is the place that the client's spend most of their down time, so they want it to to be relaxing and have areas where they can sit and drink their morning coffee or snooze.

So looking at this room, what are some must do for demo going to be?  The tile floor for sure, the rug inlay, and the switch out of the frog lights for more recessed lights.  Also, the old chandeliers will be gone and in its place possibly two new ceiling fans and maybe even some wood beams along the ceiling.

We have some awesome plans for the huge nook area to the back left of the room.  Can't wait to share that with you!!

Of course all new window treatments, but nothing that will cover the view!

On the right wall in this area, there will soon be a bump out so that we can make a little extra room in the kitchen.  The square layout will then turn into an L shaped hallway.  Also, the archways may not be a keeper on your list, but if you are creating a home with a Greek Mediterranean style, you may just want to keep em.  Ya know, Character and all!!

 The missing tile you are looking at is where there was originally a partition wall by the old front door.  Did I mention that this house has been added on to over time?  The contractors are finding various signs of previous additions to the original home.  The original home was in fact: A HOT DOG STAND!!!  I don't know why, but I love fun facts like that.  

The fireplace will be overhauled with fresh white paint, a new mantel, base tile, and a river rock insert. 


Out with the old tile...

And soon to be new Timberline Flooring in Lumberjack.

Here's an example in a kitchen space of the flooring...

Don't miss tomorrow for the Before Shots and Demo Photos of the Kitchen.  Plus in the next week, I will be doing an AMAZING giveaway!!  So don't forget to check back in!

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