September 09, 2012

Fence Painting

We are so excited to be nearly done with the outside projects that we began, well, FOREVER ago.  We always think a project is going to be quick and then we are months into stuff and wonder where the time went.  The shed and fence project began in the early part of summer and is now nearing completion.

For the fence, we went with a white wood stain.  Dustin did the spraying and I went behind and rolled any heavier spots.  It worked great and didn't take long at all, but since we had family come over, we where only able to get the inside and outside of the left side of the fence.  So you know what we are doing today instead of sitting on the couch and watching House Flippers on TV. 

Probably would have been a good idea to put on a mask or at least close his mouth while spraying, lol. 

 This is a closer shot of the first coat where you can still see the wood grain quite a bit.  I took of the excess paint with the roller and used that to roller the tops of the pickets so that I didn't have too much paint on my roller. 

 It's funny how the white actually makes the fence feel even more weightier.  I'm pretty darn sure that's not correct English, but you get what I mean right? 

Below is a picture when we where working on the fence...

And here is the near after shot.  Seriously weightier!!!  Lol


  1. we have to do ours too (stain the fence and deck) my DH doesn't want to paint it(the fence) white and I do.

    I see a monkey knife fight in our future. :)


    1. I hear you Marisa, there is just something about a white fence :)