June 15, 2012

Nearing the End of Our Outdoor Projects

Do you ever work on a project and think it's gonna take a while and and you finish it in record time, NO,  me either ;-)

We have been working on our fence and shed now since what FEELS like forever, but has actually been since April.  Since my husband and I have been trying to complete outside projects after work and between family activities, it has taken a bit longer than we thought.  That seems the way for most larger projects, Right?  Some hiccups or bumps in the road are to be expected!

We painted the shed last week and the color was supposed to be the same as the house color, a light beige color, but turned out more like a creamy white.  So, yesterday was round two, and it turned out a lot nicer. 

So as of today, I can SEE the end in site for these two projects.

Here is the hubs working hard, putting the first coat of primer on the shed.  He has been working so hard at his other two jobs that he is probably asleep behind those glasses!  Ya think?  I don't know how he accomplishes all the things he does, but he is amazing and we adore him!  Happy early Father's Day, Dusty!!!

And whilst Dusty was workin' hard, so was Dozer...

Trying to catch flying insects and finding the right spot to nap, just wears him out! 

So with one coat of primer, the shed was on its way.

And the fence is not far behind.  We completed most of it, except for the part that attaches to the shed.

We have to finish the shed trim work before we can add the last post on either side of the shed and the gate on this side.   So, NO WORRIES, this is not our version of COMPLETING the fence, even if we are OVER this project ;)

Yesterday, we took a trip to Lowes to see if they could fix the mistake of how light the shed paint was (sorry I didn't get a picture of it, but if you take the primer a couple shades darker that is what it looked like).  The men at Lowes worked to correct the color, but in the end, we left with a new bucket since the previous one was TOO STUBBORN TO DARKEN UP!
Here is the pictures I took this morning of the new color...

It looks a little lighter in the photo, but it almost matches the house, so I am good with that!

The shed is in need of a few finishing touches:

1. All white trim around the bottom, door frame, and side frame.

And then the rest are DIY projects.

2. New black shutters
3. A ramp to push the lawn mower in and out of the shed
  4. A nice flower planter under the window

I thought I would leave you with a picture of the almost completed fence.  As soon as we can sink the last two posts and attach it to the shed, we will spray that sucker white and call it a day, or a month, or 3! 

This week has been a bit KRAZY for us, as I'm sure it has with those of you whose kids are finishing up school.  We had a week of Dress in the dark day, wacky hair day, twin day, hat day, and wear a jersey to school day.  I used to love doing those things in school. 

Then, my daughter had her Luau Day in second grade that I worked the limbo station for and this morning my son had his Wacky Olympics and I was able to run the sponge relay for that and their outside breakfast for the 4th grade class.  It really has felt like a race to the finish this week, but today was their official last day of school, so they are THRILLED and me, well, I am Thrilled and Drained !!! 

Tomorrow,  Dustin has plans to work on the shed, while I head out with the kids to a local farmers market to pick up some things for the Sunday breakfast at our house for Father's Day and later a Father's Day BBQ at my mother in laws house.  Should be a great weekend!!!

So, I am a bit behind the ball on getting Father's Day gifts.  Any ideas?  What did you get the men in your life for Father's Day?   I would love to hear what you came up with! 


  1. I actually think the way you "finished" the fence is very creative! :) I got the hubby an ipod. He's going to be very surprised...and now he'll leave mine alone!

  2. Thanks Molly! That's a great gift, especially if he is always nabbing yours :)

  3. Your fence and shed look great! Did you guys build the shed yourselves? We were thinking of something like that for our yard...

  4. Thanks Jessica :) We did build the shed and by we, I mean my husband and brother in law. My husband saw the shed he wanted at Lowes, so he got the lumber and built it to save some moolaa!