March 15, 2013

Too many Butts in the Bathroom!!!

Where else would butts be right, lol!   I know GROSS sorry, but there where a lot of butts in the bathroom yesterday.
Everyone had a job to do even if they didn't exactly figure out what it was.  Don't you love having the kids help on things?  We sure did (enter sarcasm here ;-) )    Mom are we done yet?  This is taking forever!!!
I don't even know how they ask those questions when we are two minutes in, lol. 
Sorry about the lighting in the pic.  The two over head flood lights mechanisms can't go in until the bead board goes up on the ceiling.  I really like that we had the one light fixture split into the two separate lights.  We had the electricians come in yesterday to do the bathroom and mudroom lighting. 
When we saw how much light you lose with having these style fixtures, we opted for a second recessed light right above the sink area.  That way there will be plenty of light when all is said and done.  We also need to just pick up some stronger watt bulbs for the light fixtures.
 I always catch Dustin in random shots like here he is engaged in a discussion with the towel bar.  I don't know what to tell ya!
 I know he will be excited when our house is finished and he can just relax in it.  He already works two other jobs, so now here he is on Job #3.  Poor tired eyes!  Now get back to work, we got a bathroom to finish   ;-)
Pulling up the linoleum.
 Dozer never strays to far from where we are.  He has been following us upstairs and down to see what we have been getting into and then just lays down next to watch and see if we screw up.
The coastal goose neck lights are up and running.  We need to plug the hole and do some patch work, then comes framing out the mirror.
Quite a ways to go, but I am just so glad we have started on it!
 Bead board is nearly finished, but we are calling it a night.
Now on to a completely different topic:   RUGS.
RUGSUSA is having a huge sale, 50% off of various rugs and an 80% off blowout on a few pages of rugs too!
I didn't know about the sale until yesterday when I was looking for a rug for under our morning room table and a matching runner for the front hall.  I have had my eye on this guy for awhile now...
I checked out the sale and YEP, this pretty boy was 50% off, so I got him and his little lady runner for the hall.  Why does little lady runner sound so naughty?  
I thought I did AWESOME with my savings until I came across a rug for my mum and dad's dining room makeover.  It was in the 80% off blowout section and she saved...
 $633.60 SAVINGS!!! 
 It is a simple white 6 foot round 100% cotton rug.  Well for originally $792, there has to be something not so simple about this rug.  Right?  I can't wait to see it in person and then take a nap on it to vouch for it's softness.
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  1. What a wonderful project - you get a bathroom makeover, the kids get to help, and Dozer gets some exercise running up and down the stairs! -- Jan

  2. LOVE rugsusa - what a great deal!

    1. I love em too! You can get such crazy good deals if you hold out long enough!

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