March 24, 2013

Shed and Fence Completed!!

Hope your weekend has been going well.  Ours has been really great.  Last night I had a little date night out with the hubby.  Date nights have become almost obsolete in the past several months, so we are trying to make sure we get a little evening out here and there.  We ate at a great little Mexican Restaurant and went and watched Olympus Has Fallen.   Loved that movie!  Well at least I did in the end when I knew how it turned out.   So that covers my Saturday and then this morning, I got up WAY too early for a Sunday and headed over to my mum's house to pick her up for the Grand Opening of the new Homegoods in our area.  

They had a soft opening on Friday evening that we went too and it was AWESOME!   I got all sorts of good stuff on that trip.  New bar stools, new lamps and chairs for the office, and some fun green and white pillows that makes it feel a little more like Spring around here.

So since Spring is here officially, I thought I would give you a little update on our fence and shed project.  You can see the previous posts on the building of the fence and shed hereherehere, here, and here.   

 This is one of those projects that took quite a while.   I think possibly because it kept getting pushed back due to the weather but mostly our schedules over the summer.  So here is the way past due finishedISH shed and fence...

I really wanted to just have the shed be an extension of the house with the color combo.  Kinda like a mini me version.  

We still need to trim out the door with an x, put the horizontal black wood pieces across the shutters, and make a flower box for the window.

You can see the before post here.

Here is the fence before we painted and put the gate on the back...

And the shed before it was all trimmed out and painted...

And again here is the After...

We did a little searching around to decide the style of fence we wanted and both of us liked the quaintness of and price that comes with a 4 foot white picket fence.  We decided to add the chunkier sized base posts and larger cap. 

Now that I just finished this post it is sleeting and freezing cold outside, not at all like it looks in these pics ;-)

Have a great rest of the weekend and don't miss my next few posts on a Nautical Guest Room Design and a Pottery Inspired Family Room!

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