May 07, 2014

Update/Partial Install on the Living Room and Kitchen Dining Area

Even though the recent project we have been working on for our client Susanna in is not 100% finished yet, I thought I would share the progress we have made so far.   

If you remember in the last few posts I had shared the Before Pics of the House and the new Items that  were being purchased for the space.  If you missed em,'  you can see those posts HERE and HERE.

Let's start with the Living Room.

Here is a peak of the after (see the rest below)...

Let's take a look at how we got to this point.

This is the design I put together for the living room.

Below are photos of THE LIVING ROOM BEFORE

 Over to the left there is where the built-ins are going.

You'll see in the After Picture that we were able to keep the storage behind the new painting by creating a swinging hinge door.

Now on to the AFTER'S of the LIVING ROOM...

A fun red clock behind on the wall pulls the red into the hallway area.  A new white slip covered sofa to freshen up the room.

Here is the new sofa table.

Gorgeous rain blue fabric was used to create the custom curtains for the space.
The floor lamp is not actually going in front of the red chair, this was a during photo ;)

The framed door behind the artwork with completed with a trim piece and the client wanted it to blend in with the space, so it was painted the same color as the walls.  I think it turned out great!

 The door was put together on a piano hinge and door closure attached on the other side so that it stays shut.

Here are some of the accessory pieces we where getting ready to put into the living room, while Dustin worked on installing the drapes.

I chose a faux sheep skin pillow cover and a soft leather chair to add a masculine side to the space.

Also this really fun side table is just waiting for his new blue lamp friend to hang out with him.

 An accessory for the side table will finish off this area.  The client's family is big into making model airplanes and they love anything related to pulleys and levers, so this floor lamp was a must.

 The rug is a gorgeous muted down tone of gray and beige.  We chose one for the living room and a smaller version of the same rug for the space in the kitchen.

A punch of red with throw pillows to bring the red from the side chair over to the sofa.

Now for the dining area of the kitchen. 

Here is the design board.

Let's take another peak back at the kitchen dining area before...

The wall color was a very unusual green and the location of the dining area light shoved the table location back towards the back door.

Here's the AFTER...

We had the placement for the lighting moved and brought in a gorgeous new light fixture, new table, new rug, new dishware and mats, and new window treatment to match the blues of the living room.  We brought the chairs out of the clients dining room to match with the kitchen table, since we are replacing them down the road with new dining chairs and the client currently uses this space for eating.

Here is a shot of the kitchen eating area from a distance.

Today the built-ins are being installed and we have to make one final install of our own to bring in additional accessories for the room including a deep blue throw blanket, tray and accessories for the coffee table and side table and several accessories for the built-ins.

Once that is finished, we will be getting some professional photos taken of the space to show you the final results of the family room and kitchen dining area.  :)

Thanks for checking out the update, I hope you enjoyed it so far.

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March 02, 2014

The KItchen To Match The Warm and Inviting Living Room Space!

We are nearly there on finishing all of the purchases for the Warm and Inviting Living Room and Kitchen Space.  If you missed the Design Boards for Susanna's living room, you can check it out HERE.

All the painting is done and now we are getting down to the wire on the construction side of things.  Over the next two weeks, all the lighting will go in, new recessed lights will be put in to go above the built-ins the guys will be building.  Also, the fireplace will get a new surround and cool swinging panel to allow for artwork while still keeping the storage behind it.  

The kitchen cabinets will eventually be getting painted and a back splash going in, but for now we will be adding all new lighting, window treatments, and a new kitchen table and accessories.

Here is the design board that I put together for the kitchen area...

Susanna already had similar chairs to these that we will be bringing into the kitchen and using it with this really pretty white dining table.  To bring in a little masculine and feminine, I chose this orb light in a bronze finish.  It has a little drop crystal so that we are not forgetting the lady of the house. ;)

Here's a closer look at some of the pieces...

Two of these bronze pendant lights for over the island.

We are going with this table for everyday use.  The clients will use it regularly without the leaf, but have the ability to extend for family functions.

Also bringing in the gorgeous Orb Chandelier will make a great statement!

Below is the before pics of the dinette area...

 The green is now gone and both spaces have been painted.  It looks so good :)

The 2 Pendant Lights will go above the island.

Here is the area for the new table and orb light above.  We will also eventually be doing a seating area under the window here.  

The fabric arrived yesterday, so all the drapery and window boxes will be made this week.  Can't wait to do this install and share the finished project!

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January 17, 2014

A Warm and Inviting Living Room Design Package!

The process of putting together a Design Package and bringing it to life is so much fun!  Recently I met with my new client Susanna.  When we met for her consultation appointment to transform her living room and kitchen, I was immediately excited with the direction I wanted to take the spaces.  I found that she loved the color red in her home, while her husband really likes a smoky blue.  Also, in talking with her, I found out that her husband and two sons LOVE aviation and building model planes.  They are also into all things gear and pulley oriented.  I am often asked, how do you incorporate the things you love into a space, without getting too "themy."   Today I wanted to show you how I worked hard to pull every one's needs and likes into the space without making it too much of one feel and not making it too "themy."

Here is the Design Board Packages I created along with the photos of the space.

For the Living Room...

For the design, I pulled in just a touch of the pulley system with the amazing floor length lamp and a nod to the aviator men in the house with one or two airplanes and the fan that looks like a propeller, which was one of the options Susanna picked out.  The great thing is that when the boys saw the design board, they wanted to help and make and paint the model planes to go in the space.  I can't think of a better way to make that room feel more like their own than by having them create something to go in the living room.  We also can't forget the lady of the house so I added a gorgeous and vibrant red poppies painting to the mix to go above the fireplace!

Here are a few of the pieces close up and some that I couldn't fit onto the board...

A gorgeous fan from Minka Aire.

A beautiful piece of artwork!!  This brings in the shades of blue and red, but adds a the much needed touch of femininity!

Two of these pretty boys will flank each side of the fireplace and to soften them up with a bit more texture,
two of these faux sheepskin pillows...

Faux Sheepskin Pillow Covers

Clift Glass Table Lamp Base - Smoke Gray

Really pretty blue glass based lamps to pull a little more of the blue feel into the room and a coffee table that brings in more texture...

Durham Cocktail Table

Below are the BEFORE's of the room...

Over to the right between the two windows will be the black unit seen below, that the clients currently own and new smoky blue drapes to go on all the windows.

Susanna has had this sofa above for many years and is ready for it to retire, so we are bringing in a new white slipcovered sofa.  Behind the sofa, I am adding the long sofa table below that will fit snugly in between the pillars...

Over to the left there where the black unit currently sits will be a brand new white built in bookcase and shelving unit.

The red chair will be scooched over to the right corner and a new side table and lamp below will allow for a cozy little reading nook...

The fireplace is also getting a makeover.  If you see above, there is space all behind the picture that is hanging, so we are going to keep the space for storage, but have a secret framed hinged door that will allow for artwork to go up, but still keep the storage behind.

The base of the fireplace will also be built up to create a shaker style finish and add more depth to the fireplace.

Here is the layout for the living room...

So now all we need to do is finish up on some purchases for the space and then February starts the painting process and fireplace makeover.  Then I can go in and put it all together :)

Stay tuned for the kitchen portion of the Design!

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