August 24, 2013

Mudroom and Study Design Plans

Progress is being made!

Early in the summer, Dustin and I made a trip to Ikea to purchase some items for the house.  While we where there, we purchased most of the items that we would need to complete the cabinetry for a mudroom and study area for our kids.

Our goal is to be finished for when school starts.  I don't know if that will happen as of yet, but we are trying.

Yesterday Dustin finished up laying tile and I checked on his progress.  Overseeing is such an important part of the job ;-).

I also put together some of the Ikea furniture pieces for the desk side and mudroom side.  I promised Dustin last month that I wouldn't touch any of it until we got closer to the install of the room.

It's close enough if I can see tile going down so I kept my end of the bargain right?

The other thing I did was put together a design plan for the space including the color for the walls, some additional furniture,accessories, and fabric choices.

This is the plan so far...


To create a SLIGHTLY similar desk area as shown in the inspiration picture below, we chose some cabinetry from the Besta Line at Ikea.

I picked up two of these chairs at Ikea for the space.

JULES Swivel chair IKEA You sit comfortably since the chair is adjustable in height.


To complete the seating on the mudroom side, we went with an Expedit Bookcase for the base and I decided I wanted to create a cushion to top it off.  Here is a gorgeous example by Little Moments Like This...

nursery 27

I purchased legs to bring the height of it up and to match the Besta legs on the desk area.  But now we have decided that we want to trim out both cabinets so that they look more built in.We are also going to incorporate a bead board or wood board backing and then add hooks to create a little mudroom area.

I wanted to make sure that the fabric that I use on the bench seating will hold up to wear and tear so I am considering Sunbrella's Canvas fabric in Canvas.

Sunbrella Canvas Canvas Fabric

As an accent fabric to make a pillow or two out of, I am considering this green fabric in celery from

Richloom Rave Celery Fabric

To hopefully finish things off, I LOVE this pillow cover made by ZourraDesigns on Etsy.  The fabric designer is Robert Allen.
Navy Blue Pillow cover- Robert  Allen, quaterfoil pillow - Casablanca Pillow  20 x 20 inch -

I also got two of these trunks in two sizes.  The smaller one to hopefully store the kids larger school projects that come home and the larger one to have as a file system for their important school documents.


I feel like we are at least halfway there for completing it.  I am counting down the days like it's Christmas!

Have a great weekend!

August 14, 2013

Beach Condo Renovations and Design Board

This week has been very eventful so far.  I am just now coming up for air and thought I would share a freshly completed Design Board Package with you.  I have done several beachy feel design boards and each one has their own unique twist.   This one is no different.

When Roxxan contacted me, she was just finishing up the remodel on her beach condo.  Her words where " I want it to have a Sophisticated Beach Glam Feel."

Here is the Design Board I came up with for her living and dining area...

I liked working with such a soft pallet while adding texture to build depth in both the dining area and living room.  Roxxan has done an amazing job of putting the condo together and picking out the paint and lighting.  My job was too pull it all together.

As my starting point, I came across this set of gorgeous framed beach wall art and went from there.

Jaipur Rugs Maroc MR09 White Rug
A soft and modern area rug will be the grounding point of the dining area.

Bringing in a little bling!!

Hermosa Round Dining Table in Reclaimed Wood

A gorgeous natural white wash on a pedestal dining table will bring a lot of character and warmth to the space.  

Two different pillows, one in a soft aquamarine with texture and the other with a geometric print bring in enough color and interest for the white sofa.

Decorative Pillow Cover - Aqua Blue Green Ivory Woven Pastel Pillow Cover - Teal Blue Green Throw Pillow

Decorative Pillow Cover - Grey Cross Section Charcoal Geometric Pillow Cover- Throw Pillow

The condo measures 1180 sq. feet so creating the most functional room layout to fit the space is key.  This room layout covers the Dining/Living Area of the condo.
It was great to see the photos of the condo after Roxxan had completed the initial renovation to get a sense of the place and her design style.

In place of the washer and dryer will be a desk area with some great artwork above.

This will be the spot for the future dining area.

I think once everything is in place and finished, this space will look gorgeous!

August 08, 2013

Movie Theater Basement Design

It's a dream of ours to have a movie room in our basement.  We have a storage room off the basement that Dustin wants to turn into a movie room.  Every time, and I mean EVERY time, we watch a movie in the larger part of the basement, my husband says "Can't wait till we can sit in the movie room."  Ahh, One day!

Well for now, I get to live vicariously through my most recent design project.  A MOVIE THEMED BASEMENT!

I was contacted by my client to turn her basement into a comfortable space where her family could relax, watch movies, and play games.  

Here is the design I came up with for Jennifer, her hubby, and their two daughters...

My favorite piece that I came across has to be the director's light.  I found this one on line.  Since I get the opportunity to do this basement install along with creating the Design Board Package, I was able to shop around for pieces for the room and came across this exact one for almost half the price online!!  Yay!

Another neat find is this abstract artwork on canvas.  One is kinda cool, but when you put three together like in the Design Board above, to me it looks like what you see going across the screen when the movie reel is finished.  That may just be me though ;-)  

Red Liberated 20" x 60" Printed Canvas
To soften and lighten up the sofa, I chose a couple toss pillows...

CC Home Furnishings 18" White "Life Is Beauty Full" Decorative Down Throw Pillow

This one has a cute message.

Nate Berkus™ Geometric Toss Pillow - Gray (18x18")
The other for it's bold geometric pattern and color.

No Movie Room would be complete without movie reels or hot fresh popcorn...
$179.oo Ryan's entertainment rm- Ballard Designs Film Reel Plaques - Set of 3

These are just some of the items going in the space.  Other items will include a new reclaimed wood mantel for the fireplace and new rug like this one below...

Rugs USA Aperto Outdoor Moroccan Lattice Grey Rug

Here are a couple of the before pictures of the room...

The red sofa and ottoman will be staying.  The curtains will be replaced with new velvet gray floor to ceiling blackout drapes.

On each side of the fireplace will be low bookshelves.   To go above the bookshelf will be over-sized framed black and white movie posters like this one of Marilyn Monroe...

So am I excited to do this install?  Yessireee!!!

Can't wait to share with you all of the before's and after's...

Have a great rest of the day!

August 03, 2013

Mud Room Demo Day!

We found some time this week to start on the mudroom.  Are hope, and I say hope lightly, is that we will have completed the Homework/Mudroom Space by the time the kiddos go back to school in September.

I would love nothing more than to be able to have everything organized and ready to go before all the school papers and projects start coming home!   

So first things first, we have to do a little demo work.

I snapped a few shots of the room before we began...

 This room was originally just going to be a storage room, but then it just turned into a junk room and we couldn't even shut the door with everyone just throwing their belongs in as they came through the house.  

The other thing about this room is that it had no lighting!  NONE!  Why you ask ;-)  Well because when Dustin and I where having the house built, we said  "it's just gonna be a storage room."  So apparently that meant that we were fine with stumbling around in the dark.  I LOVE our thought process sometimes!  So for about 2 years now, we walk in and flip the light switch on expecting something to happen.  Like it would miraculously turn on one day.

Since the wires didn't naturally connect like we assumed ;-)  We decided to have 4 recessed lights and 1 pendant light put in.  

Now we can at least see what we are falling over so that's a bonus.  The little white circles in this photo above are from the machine that was used to cut the holes for the recessed lights.  So that will need to get painted too!

The light I went with is the Allen and Roth Edison Pendant Light from Lowes.  

The door you see out in the hallway is the garage door leading in to the house.  So we are going to make this area one huge framed out entrance into the mudroom.  In this photo, the drywall had already been taken down so that the new outlet could go in just on the right.  If your wondering about the gigantic toilet roll to the right, that's cork board and if all works out, I hope to incorporate that on the Homework side of the mudroom.

 We have a single window on the back wall that will get framed out and a much thicker base molding that will go in.  

 This is the side of the room where the Ikea Expedit Unit will go to be incorporated as a bench seat below and wall hooks above.  We have a few ideas of bead board or a wide plank board to attach to the wall to make the whole piece look like one larger unit.

Let's get started...

First we took up the carpet I pulled out all of the staples.   

 Dustin took off the base trim and molding AND the next part was my most anticipated one...

We started taking down the other side of the drywall.  Yippie!!!

 And apparently opening walls helps with meditation.  I don't know.

 This will be the new view when you come in the door.  The whole right side of the space will be the mudroom area.  

We cut and installed some smaller 2 x 4's to finish of the frame of the entryway.

This is his safety man outfit.  Doesn't every guy where flip flops while doing construction?

 And my safety outfit comes not only with flip flops but also a tea towel on your shoulder.  

 Ta da, one big ol' entrance for the Mudroom! 
It truly amazes me what makes me happy! A hole in the wall.  

We had to block the kitchen area during demo so that Dozer was safe and also so that the kitchen wasn't covered in dust.  Here he is sniffing the plastic.

The left wall of the room will be where we set up all of the Ikea pieces to create a desk area for both kiddos to get there homework done.  Or at least there is a place where I can try to send them to do homework.  I can dream right? 

 When I woke up the next morning, I came downstairs to all of this natural light in the hallway!  It was such a dark narrow space before and now it's bright and open. 

Still to Do:

-Pull out the hallway linoleum and put the 1/2 backer board down on the floor.
-Put down the tile flooring and grout
-Trim out the window and entryway
-Put in a thick base board
-Paint the room and ceiling
-Put together all the Ikea pieces for the desk area
-Put together the mudroom furniture pieces

Have a great rest of the weekend!  I am off to play some Monopoly :)