September 26, 2012

More fun with Project Decor!

I had a lot of fun yesterday working on a board for Project Decor!  I came across an inspirational photo online this morning, so I decided to use it to create a fun mix of color in a bedroom atmosphere! 
Here is my mix of turquoise, red, and gray...
I hope you enjoy seeing these design boards as much as I enjoy creating them :)
I am currently working on two fun design boards this week for some new clients.  Hopefully I will be able to have the first one ready to share by Friday!
If you would like an inspirational room board created for a room in your home you can contact me at or hop on over to my website Here for pricing and examples of previous room boards. 

September 25, 2012

Project Decor!

I was recently contacted by Project Decor.  I don't know if you are familiar with this site, but they are an up and coming design site.  They are really unique in that they allow you to pull from big designers products like Jonathan Adler which allows you to create some amazing design boards.  When they contacted me,  needless to say, I was THRILLED!!!  I set up my design shop over their this week and today I created my first design board.  You can see what they are all about HERE.    This is my design board I created.  I wanted to put together a  relaxed industrial space, so this is what I came up with...
Also, if you would like a design board created for a room in your home, click here for an affordable option that will allow you to transform any space into a relaxed getaway!

September 18, 2012

Stopping by the Model Home!!!

I had recently heard that our builders where building new homes in a neighborhood not far from ours.  I also heard that the decorated model is the same house plan as ours.  I had to go and check it out, right?  To see what my house could look like with a completely different feel.  Well, it is amazing what paint does to any room to change the feel.  Never mind the furniture and accessories they picked.  It was lovely!!!
Let me show you...
Dining Room
Living Room
Bedroom #1
Bedroom #2
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom Sitting Area
Antiqued Gold Mirrors
Bonus Room
Morning Room
Dining Room
Family Room
Up close of the curtain design
1st Floor Bedroom
Do you like the muted tones?  In person, the whole house felt so relaxed!
After we stopped in at the model home, we went over to Lumber Liquidators to see what options they had for some gray and brown flooring.
I brought a sample of the pewter maple home and this one seems to be the family favorite...
And then this brown tone is nice...
I can tell this is going to be one of my most stressful purchases ;-) 

September 17, 2012

What Pendant Lighting Would You Choose?

I think that lighting is one of the most impactful ways to make a statement in a room!  Just changing out or adding new lighting makes an enormous difference and can bring such a great deal of character to a bland space. 
I have been on the prowl for pendant lighting for our kitchen for quite a while now.  We currently have some recessed lighting in the kitchen, but that's about it, so since we have a long center island that slants into sort of an L shape, I thought it would be great to do some drop down pendants along that area.  Bringing down light mid level like that always gives off a more intimate glow.  With having the pendant and recessed lighting, I think it will really brighten up the space in the evening too!
I have come across some really great pendants, but here are a few of my most favorite ones...
Pinned Image
This type of lighting is very nautical and would fit right in at my house.  I love the shininess of the chrome and how it bounces the light around the room.
Imagine if you took out the lighting in this kitchen, go on, cover them with your hand ;-)  Doesn't it feel like it is missing a wow factor?   
Pinned Image
This kitchen is fantastic alone, but the lights just take it overboard!!!  I can't stop staring at these ones.  They would go great with the lighting that I have in the adjacent morning room.
                        These are the pottery barn Exeter 16-Jar Pendant Lights which you can find here.
Pinned Image
Another option is the glass globe lighting.  They would also match well with the morning room lighting I have.  Can you imagine what this room would feel like in the evening with these guys all lit up?  Ahhh relaxation! 
Now if I could just decide on brown or gray wood flooring I would be ahead of the game.  I am heading out to a model home today that is the same one as my house, but it is fully decorated, so I will bring back some pics and share them with you.  I may have to stop in at lumber liquidators to see some floor samples and get your feedback. 
Enjoy your Monday :)

September 13, 2012

Mudroom Inspiration

There is so much I love about this mudroom!  Look at the reclaimed wood ceilings.  I love the Granite Gray color as the backdrop.   I think it is such a peaceful and relaxing place.  The door is the finishing touch.  It is Benjamin Moore's Fiji AF-525.  I could see this set up in my mudroom. 
I would also like to take these same colors into my office:
Benjamin Moore:  
 Granite AF-660
 Fiji AF-525
Cement Gray-2112-60
And then add a shade of green like Benjamin Moore's Pear Green

September 11, 2012

Chocolate Eclair Cake

Last week, I went to a neighbors get together and I wanted to make something quick and easy.   I am at that point in my life that I whatever I make needs to be quick, a few ingredients, and needs to taste great!  So I came across this fabulous Chocolate Eclair Cake on Pinterest and thought it fit the bill. 
Only five ingredients:          French Vanilla Pudding
                                   Graham Crackers
                                    Whipped Topping
                                                A Tub of Chocolate Icing
And my friends, that is it!  Yeperoo and it was awesome!   It tasted really good the first night and amazing the next day!!!  I would definitely make it the night before an event so all the layers can get soft and yummy!  
And here is what she looks like in all her glory! 
Chocolate Eclair Cake
You can get the recipe Here.
I will have to take my own picture next time, before we stuff our faces ;-).
Oh and tonight, I came across this picture on Pinterest...
:)  (brownie,yum,chocolate,dessert,delicious,recipe,cookie,reeses,food,eat,baking,bake,yummy)
Ooh scrumptious! 
So this one is only 3 ingredients of pure happiness, or at least I think it will be!  I am putting this in my list of special treats to make.

September 10, 2012

Pantry Organization

I had just about enough of digging through the pantry to find one thing or another.   We originally had stuff in the same areas, but something happened and the food groups broke the barriers and started going into each others sections!  No, that doesn't sound right, how about we have two lovely children that run in from outside and yell, "can I get a snack, I'm starvin."  So you can imagine the turmoil that must ensue as they open a snack and find that they got the last one out of the box.  "Oh no, what to do with the empty box?"  "No prob, I'll just throw it back in the cabinet for safe keeping."  This works fantastic for them, but not the next kid who comes in thinking they scored big on a snack only to realize the box is empty.  :(
 Ok, so maybe I'm the next kid, but please tell me this type of thing goes on in your house, lol!
I decided to have a look at the problem areas of the pantry first...
Great, so it's all a problem, ok, CHECK.
I also can't stand the bar going down the middle to hold up the shelves.  My husband said it is there for additional support, but my neighbor has the same exact cupboard and guess what NO support, so if her shelving hasn't collapsed in on itself, then I think I might be ok too. 
So even, here, the snacks are mixed up with the breakfast stuff, my cooking oils, and baking supplies.   Madness I tell you, pure madness!
I got to work and yanked everything out of the pantry and put it in sections as I pulled it out of the cupboard.
I did a baking section, a breakfast section, a health food section, a snack section, and then a sort of dinner section including all types of noodles and side dish packets.
    I ran to Target and grabbed a few of these guys at I think around $6.99 or $7.99 each.
I found these in the bath section at target. I bought two of them and thought they would work well for the baking supplies and dinner items since they are very light weight.
I scrubbed all of the shelving and the floors and trim and I pulled the heavy duty support beam ;-)  off of the shelving.  The other things I would like to do to this closet before putting everything back in is to paint it in a gray color and do a stencil pattern in white over that. I would also like to put some wood shelving over top of the wire and hide it with trim pieces in the front, but that is not in the schedule right now, so I just went ahead with the organizing part.
And here she is all prettied up...
 I like how all the cracker snacks are in one area and you can see how much you have on hand instead of hidden in a box. 
I have a few silver scoops that I am going to put in them to keep the crackers clean from dirty fingers.
I have gotten into a new way of eating for the past five months due to research I came across on my thyroid disease, so I have been accumulating all sorts of  flours, cooking oils, nuts, etc. and I wanted to keep them all together in one spot.
I made a few tags and attached them to the baskets.
On the bottom shelf, I used my baskets that I had planned to use in my office.   I will still probably switch them out, but they'll work for now.
Chips and popcorn in basket number one.
Bagged cereal in the second basket and the rest of the breakfast food items like syrups and oatmeal in the third basket.
 An easy way to see the seasoning packets I have on hand.
Our doggy runs the bottom of the pantry, so I reorganized his basket of supplies and I think I will pick up a large tub to store the bigger bagged dog food, but other than that, it is nice and organized.  Let's see how long it will stay this way, fingers crossed.

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