Thanks for stopping in!  Here is a little bit about A Brit of Happiness.  The Brit part is ME. My name is Helen and I am originally from Liverpool, England.  I came across the pond with my parents and siblings when I was young.  It was the best thing that this young Brit could have hoped for, since it was where I found the Happiness part of the blog title. 

             The Happiness part came in fourth grade.  Little did I know that I would find the man of my dreams in my fourth grade class!  I had a huge crush on this one particular boy.  I would have never thought that years later he would become my high school sweetheart and eventually, my husband!  He is my go to guy around here. He is completely supportive of all the crazy things that I dream up.  It doesn't hurt that he can paint the straightest line you have ever seen, so I think I'll keep him!  Especially since I am more of a roller on the walls kinda girl, not so much the trim painter.  Thankfully, he has faith in my design skills and wants to be a part of this home makeover process!

The other part of this Happiness is my two stinkers!  These guys keep it pretty Interesting and Entertaining around here.

And just when you thought this was the entire clan, well not so much.   We couldn't go and forget the last addition to the family.  Our British Bulldog, Dozer!  What can I say,
I felt out numbered being the only Brit in the house, so last year we got Dozer (named by my son who thought of him more as a bulldozer than a bulldog).  His name suits him perfectly since he has been known to start running and not stop until he Crashes into something.  We got Dozer when he was 11 lbs. and now he tips the scales at a short and chubby curvaceous 62ish pounds.  I am sure you will catch this guy in many of our DIY pics along the way since he is a bit of a nosey brush.

                                                               What choo lookin' AT!!!

So won't you please join us on our wild and crazy journey of attempting to turn this house into a beach coastal home with a little British flair.  Is that even possible...