February 12, 2013

Nautical/Coastal Dining Room Design

A few days ago, I stopped in at my mum's to drop off the Navy Blue and White Shower curtains she is sewing for my kids bathroom redo.  The next morning while I was there, I shared with her the direction we are going with the design and color in our home.  I showed her the kids bathroom design and that's all it took ;-).   
 With the curtains in hand, she said "you know I don't like copying people, but I love how fresh the navy blue and white stripes are."  I knew where she was headed, lol.
So now, the design for my parent's is going to be an extension of my home design.  It makes things easy enough for me.  When I shop for my house, I will shop for theirs.  It's gonna be a lot of fun! 
I warn you now, YOU WILL SEE A LOT OF NAVY BLUE in mine and my parents Room Board  Designs, so I hope you like Nautical/Coastal Design ;-)
Here is the new and improved Design Board for my parent's dining room...
I think it has a really clean and relaxed vibe!   There are other items such as two console tables and accessories that we are adding to the plans and also a few green accents to add a little more depth to the room.
So far we have:
The bamboo shades
Wall Art
Round Dining Table (my mum scored one for $54 bucks at a Salvage Store)
A trip to Ikea and The Container Store is set within the next two weeks since we have several furniture pieces and accessories to pick up.  I can't wait to see my parent's faces when we walk in to Ikea since they have no idea what to expect.
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  1. Hi! Thanks for linking up! I love your design, awesome! :) I hope you are going to join us again next week!!

  2. Hi Beth, I will definitely be back next week! Thanks so much for hosting :0)

  3. Ahaa wow amazing you have a awesome mind. the way you have explain and your designs are so loving Dhow cruise Dubai

  4. I think it would turn out as you want the room to be – clean and relaxed! It’s very appropriate for my parents’ design taste. I don’t mean that this is traditional. It’s just that I don’t think they’d appreciate flashy interiors. Have you started this project already? :) -->Alejandra

    1. Hi there Alejandra, the room is underway! We just finished a trip to Ikea this past weekend and painted the room and trim work last week. If my schedule works out, this Friday I will be painting the bold navy stripes on the curtains for the room and Saturday we will be hanging curtains, blinds, and some artwork. Slowly but surely we are getting it done. My parents are the same way about flashy interiors too!