October 18, 2012

French Country Cottage Design

I hope you are all enjoying your week! 
I am having a great week.  The Halloween Decorations are finally up!  We have been a little busy around here the last few weeks and have been behind the ball on getting decorations up.  So at least we have a couple weeks of Halloween fun.
As far as the business side of things,  I am in the process of working with a new client to decorate her living room.  This couple is making the move from Maryland to Virginia and have decided to retire here.  They are looking to keep a little of the traditional feel, but really bring in a more updated feel to the space. 
After meeting with the client, I decided to take a little of the French Country feel and add a bit of a relaxed cottage feel into it.  Sort of meld it all together.  Their was a floral fabric chair that the client currently has in the living room and she wanted to keep it in the space.  So, I took the colors from the chair and brought in a deeper shade of blue.  This is the color palette I chose...
I think for the walls, the Languid Blue color will be perfect!  My client's have the most gorgeous trim work throughout the living room and a beautiful tray ceiling with recessed lighting to finish it off, so my thought was that this color would bring such a relaxing feel to the room!
Here is the design board that I created for their French County Cottage Living Room...
I hope you like it.  I think the clock might just be my very favorite thing!
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October 02, 2012

Relaxing Earth Tones Living Room Design Board

I can honestly say, I adore my job!  Number one, to be able to help someone transform a space in their home that allows them to really have a unique place all their own, is so much fun!  Another reason I love it, is that I get to express my creative side, which is constantly screaming at me to do something ;-)  So it is a win win for me!

This week I am working with a new client that loves reds and blues and wants to tastefully incorporate that into a sort of French Country Cottage feel.  So, I am working on that as I also finish up a design board that is inspired by Earth Tones that I want to show you.

Today's online design board that I am sharing with you is for a wonderful couple with two young children.  They have a living/family room that they are working on transforming into a more formal feeling space.  The existing space is done in greens and browns and the clients want to keep the existing color scheme.   Since the walls already have all the color the room needs, I wanted to keep the palette very light and airy and bring in a little of the wall colors to help soften the space.   I decided to bring in a more neutral beige shade and also a deep blue to add some depth of color.  One handy dandy tip is that if your walls are full of color, then always bring in lighter furniture decor and visa versa, if your walls are light, then add a punch of color with darker furniture.  It is always a nice contrast!

Here is the design board that I created...

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