November 07, 2012

Halloween Decorating Recap Part 2

In the last post I shared the decorations we did for Halloween.  Today, I wanted to finish things up with the decorating we did for our Halloween party! 
How do you get ready for a party?  Well, we like to have a murder take place and who better to be the victim than my lovely sister ;-)
As we were taping around her, someone decided that having the head attached would be a bit boring so...
A decapitation and sawing off of the leg was in order!  I don't know if you can tell, but my husband loves Halloween ;-)
As the guests entered, we had the crime scene to their right and the photo scene to their left.
For the photo scene, I created a police line up backdrop.
I took an old white sheet, a can of black spray paint, some blue painters tape to tape off the lines, and a pack of cardboard number stencils and in about 30 minutes, I had a police line up!
Here is a couple of our guests, which by the looks on their faces were way to happy being arrested...
After you get past the line up and crime scene, you are free to roam about the house and get some grub.  For treats I created a Gruesome Dessert Table, but not too gory where people wouldn't eat the stuff.
Let's take a closer look...
Oozing Blood Cake
Severed Fingers
Bloody Fingerprint Cupcakes
I wish I could find my picture of my Oreo truffle eyeballs on the stands I created, but I must have put them on the table after I took the pictures :(   Oh well, here is what the stands looked like when I made them...
Quick and easy to do and very inexpensive!
Ready for the Eyeball Truffles 
If you would like to create your own stands, all you have to do is pick up a few inexpensive plates.  These were black plastic trays/plates that I found at target.  I was going to stick the usual glass candle stick in the middle, but then I thought it would be a bit more fun to create a little something more spooky.  So I took some dollar store moss and some sticky eyeballs from Target and I put them in a regular drinking glass.  I put a little hot glue around the rim of the glass and I attached the larger tray to the glass.  With the glass upside down and attached to the larger tray, I hot glued the smaller tray to the glass and created a two tiered stand. 
 There was also a lot of really cool lighting going on. 
From candle lit areas...
To Blue Light Specials...
 Out of all the areas that were decorated, the one place you didn't want to enter into was Dexter's Kill Room...
First, we covered our morning room in wall to wall plastic to give it the authentic Dexter feel, then we printed up large pictures of the Victim's, which were actually the guests at the party.  Finally, what every Dexter Kill room needs is Blood Spatter.  So we flung red paint all down the plastic and across the victim's pictures.  
Yuck right?  I know I love it too ;-)
 We even covered the ceiling.  Who wants to leave any DNA behind, right? 
 We decorated the beverage table with Red Rum Punch to give it the running blood feel.  I know, we are sick, lol!
We made 100 jello shooter syringes, because if you watch Dexter you know that this is how he takes his victims down, and well, if you don't watch Dexter, then these are just a really cool way to serve jello shots for Halloween.
Since we had a Dexter Kill Room and Dexter's Syringe, what else would you need to finish it off other than DEXTER HIMSELF!!!
 And to add to the effect, well you can't have Dexter without a victim!  And P.S. if you were thinking that my costume does not look comfortable, well, you would be right!!! 
 It's as simple as that!  Don't go into Dexter's Kill Room for a drink or you may end up injected with a jello shot! Which, now that I typed that sentence, doesn't sound too bad, lol.


  1. I can't believe how much work you put into your party! Your house looks amazing and I love the costume!!

  2. I'm beyond impressed. Looks amazing! Love the police drop background. btw- I started blogging again (no longer simply kelly, but now Miss. MP hope you stop by.

  3. Thank you so much guys, that means a lot! I am glad you are back up and running Kelly :)

  4. That's great!! There is no way I have that kind of imagination. Helen, have you ever considered painting and selling more of your octopus painting? I just love it.

  5. Thanks Erin, It is definitely something I would consider! I have sold several of my paintings to local clients in my area, but have not done anything online yet. If you are interested in having me recreate the Octopus for you, you can contact me at

  6. Wow!!! You really go all out! Looks like a fun party :)
    Good day to you,
    your blogging sister, Connie