March 07, 2013

HomeGoods Happy!!!

I took a chance yesterday and went to the closest HomeGoods in our area which is almost an hour away.  They actually built one 10 minutes away, which is supposed to be opening in two weeks, fingers crossed, but I needed some things for a few clients and I wanted to see if I could find anything for my office. 

The last several times I have been shopping, I really didn't find much of anything that I wanted to purchase.  YESTERDAY was another story!  I found all sorts of fun items that I thought would fit great in the office.  Some of them were on clearance too!! 

I took one of my great shopping buddies and we hit two HomeGoods and two Marshalls and somehow ran right into a Five Guys for lunch.  I love that place! 

Here are some of the things I purchased...

My favorite thing has to be these two trunks that are in the navy blue shade and all rusted up on the mechanisms.  A good place to store all sorts of things and I think if I pick up the hardware, I can turn the larger trunk into my file box to keep things organized.  If it wasn't for my shopping buddy, I would have missed these completely.  So glad she was on the prowl with me :0)
The chevron jar with lid will bring in a bit of pattern.
Who doesn't need an old Antique looking clock for their office?  I was excited to find it on clearance!  I am trying to man the place up a bit so that Dustin can feel relaxed while he's working on his things too.

The spikey thing (can't think of the name right now ;-)  is not from todays trip, I just purchased it from Target the other day for the office, so I put it in with this batch of pictures.  It is from Nate Berkus' line.  I did however get the silver urn type vessel with a hammered finish at HomeGoods for $20.  It might turn out to be my secret candy jar.  It might take a lot of Hershey kisses to fill it, but you will never hear me complain about too much chocolate!
 I was able to find two of these Navy Blue Low Back Chairs so that when you come in the room, you are not blocked by the view of backs of chairs.  I had originally decided on the Henriksdal dining chairs from Ikea, but thought that they might be too tall.  Still up for debate as the room comes together.  The only problem with the blue ones are that they might be a little too low for clients.  I had a few people sit in them and they where at eye level with me.  It will definitely help when I change out the big honkin' computer chair for a simple white and silver rolling chair or something smaller than what is there now. 
Maybe a little rice or sand in the bottom with a candle to finish it off this candle holder. 

The two toned metal mirror was to fun to pass up!  I like that it incorporates the brown and the brushed metal to tie in with the rest of the room.  The shape makes it feel like a porthole which lends a little to the nautical feel that I am going for.

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