February 16, 2013

Improving Closet Space with New Shelving

Just before starting on the kids bathroom project, we decided to get some things organized around the house so that we are not too stressed with making new messes. 
So Dustin reworked some of the closets to create a more functional and usable space for us.
Of course I missed a pic of how they were before, but they just had one shelf straight across the middle of the closet.  It was really difficult for the kids to get their clothes from the left and the right since it is a single door with a wide shelf. 
Dustin took out the one long shelf and cut it down to create 3 small shelves.  He picked up an additional piece of wire shelving for $30 so that he could add a 4th shelf.  He did the same for my son's closet so the one piece of shelving he bought covered both kids closets with a little left over.  So each closet only cost $15 bucks to fix.
Now they just step on their stool to reach the top shelf on either side.  We made sure the shelves were at the right height to be able to take larger clothing as they grow in to teens.
He also put shelving in our large empty supply closet so that we can clear out the storage room downstairs.  We are working on turning that room into our soon to be Mud Room. 
Now we are going to keep our vacuum and steam cleaner and most of the bathroom supplies in here. 
After the closets were installed we headed to Lowes to pick up some of the bathroom supplies.
For the board and batten treatment we are doing in the bathroom we are going with these 1x4x8's.  We can get two out each board for the length we need.
These are the top board size we are going with.
And these for the base board.  We will be cutting these down to a 6 1/2 in. board.
I really love the look of paneling for the ceiling, so we chose this style instead of the bead board that we have in the downstairs bathroom.
And it is currently $5 dollars cheaper! 
Another thing I like to do if I am going to be working on projects is to go on Ebay, search Lowes Coupons and purchase some 10% off coupons.  It always helps when we are making big purchases since it takes 10% off the entire order.
Now on to a little demo in the bathroom and a looking for new tile for the floor. 
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