September 16, 2013

Movie Theater Themed Basement Installed!!!

This past week we had the opportunity to take a client's basement and turn it into a place where family members can gather, relax, and watch movies.

A few months ago I was contacted by Jennifer to help her decorate several areas of her home.  We went through her house and discussed the possibilities of each room.  

After our appointment, Jennifer decided that she wanted to start with the basement.  She had a red leather couch that she wanted to keep for the space and that became my starting point.  I wanted to bring in lots of soft neutrals and some other pops of red throughout the room to balance out the space.  

Here is the end result of the Movie Theater Themed Basement...

This is the photo truest to color of the entire room from walls to the red leather couch.  I will have to get some better photos on my next visit with Jennifer.

How did we get to this point?  Well, a design board always comes in handy.  Here is the design board I shared with you not too long ago...

A soft neutral Moroccan trellis patterned rug grounds the space and brings in some dimension.

Two industrial console tables where brought in to fill the space on either side of the fireplace and then movie posters where framed and added above the consoles.

I found this gorgeous white acrylic tray to bring some light to the darker ottoman and red sofa.  It just balances out the room nicely.  I love mixing contrasting colors and lighting and darkening different areas that feel to heavy.  Any one for some white cheddar popcorn?

This pillow is a great reminder to look at the positive in your everyday life!  To add some more geometric pattern, I chose two gray and white pillows designed by Nate Berkus. 

The client found the "admit one ticket" pillow which was just the right touch to finish off the couch and bring in the movie theme to this side of the room.

A director's floor lamp and Hollywood Showtime Canvas finish off the space between the windows.  For the window treatments, we went with techno gray black out curtains.

 The day of an install is like Christmas Morning to me!!!  It gets me so excited when I am able to bring all my ideas to life and as the day went on, I was so thrilled with how all the finishing touches made the room feel warm and inviting!

 I loved the idea of taking inexpensive movie posters and picking up some nice thick Target frames to finish them off.  

Here's a look at the right side of the room with the large canvas artwork that reminded me of  a movie reel across the bottom.

Some accent pieces to finish off the console tables...

 A red metal orb.

 Some adorable white ceramic vases.  The pattern was created by inverting sea shells into the vase.  You had to look closely to realize they were actually seashells.

 Before, the fireplace just had the stone supports, but no mantel.  I was able to find a great piece of reclaimed wood that came from an old barn.  After a little tlc and some sealer, we had a lovely spot to put some fun popcorn artwork and accessories.

I was able to just lightly sand some of the roughness off of the wood and finish with a CLEAR FLAT sealer.  I was not looking to add any color or shine to the piece.  I just wanted it protected, so I found this guy below at Lowe's...

Valspar's Clear Flat Sealer.  A few VERY LIGHT coats later and I was finished.

LOL,  The battery operated candles where not actually on fire.  To lighten up my picture, I apparently didn't notice I really lightened the candles.  The candles added the amount of warmth to the space without having a real flame so that if the girls where in the basement playing by themselves, they could turn them on without worrying about burning themselves.  Plus these ones I found are made with real candle wax and give off a vanilla smell.  Ummm!

A few more accents to finish off the mantle bringing a little of the red from the other side of the room with the couch to this side of the room.  Did I mention I like balance in a room ;-)

Here is the Before and After of the Fireplace...

 Again, here is the room on the right when I met with Jennifer the first day, and on the left when we finished the room install...

Here are a few more Before and After shots...







Thanks so much for stopping in and checking out the most recent install!  Tomorrow is our next install of a Relaxing Master Bedroom.

I will take some shots of the space tomorrow to share on facebook, but on Thursday, I am actually getting the opportunity to meet with a professional photographer that specializes in "Home Photography".   He will be taking photographs of the master bedroom and recent living room and dining room makeover for the same client also.  This is something I have been hoping for for at least two years now, so I can hardly contain myself. 

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September 03, 2013

Boys Gamer Themed Bedroom in Shades of Gray and Orange

Ahh back to the old blog!  Oh how I've neglected you all summer.

 Today the kids started back at school and I am excited for them and for myself.  They went from a ball of nerves to completely excited from last night to this morning.  While I will miss them during the day, I am definitely in need of structure again.  Juggling work and kiddos this summer has been a bit crazy to say the least, but now we can hopefully get back on track.

Our main goal over the past few weeks was to get the mudroom up and running.  WELLLLLL! We did get the tile floor done.   I am crossing my fingers that it gets put together in the next couple of weeks.  

So for now, I am moving in the direction of working on the kiddos' bedrooms.  Dustin and I still haven't gotten around to doing anything in our room, but my son has outgrown his soccer themed room and my daughter has decided her Paris themed room no longer suits her.  How did she put it?  " I'm just not feelin' it now mom!"

So I am back to the drawing board.  I am starting with my son's room since that is a quicker paint job new bedding kind of deal.  My daughter's room will have new trim work and possibly new electrical work so I will focus on her room next.

My son is heading towards his teen years so I want his room to be fun now but still a place he likes when he is 18 yrs. old.  

I put together a space for him that I hope any teenage boy would love...

I think it's a nice mature boys room that has a little edge to it.  

I have purchased a few items already for the space including this modern Ikat accent pillow...

Ikat Pillow cover 16" x 16" one orange gray and oatmeal cushion cover decorative throw pillow covers peacock modern pillow

I am in LOVE with this pillow!

To keep with the feel of one of his favorite video games, Call of Duty, I thought the Ikat pillow has a little bit of a camo feel to it without being too over the top.

Another item that I purchased is the game controller decals to accent his side wall...

My best deal so far for the room was the Call of Duty Black Ops Poster and frame.  My son and I came across the poster at Walmart for $5.  I never thought to check Walmart for this type of thing.  There is definitely not a huge selection that I think would be great to frame, but it's worth the look.

Then when I stopped in at Target, I found a great quality poster frame for $30.

Room Essentials® Molded Poster Frame

For the bedding, I found a great website that has contemporary bedding for a very reasonable price called Designer Living.  Some of the bedding sets only come with the comforter and pillow shams, known as mini sets.  I highly recommend going this route because I like to add a different color with the bed skirt and pillow cases anyway.  This works perfectly for me!  The comforter I am looking at ordering is only $45 and with the labor day sale they are currently having, I may be able to grab it for less.

The other good deal is this gourde shaped orange lamp from Target for $33...

Gourd Shaped Lamp with Shade

I have convinced my son to move the fish tank back to the dresser and not keep it as a bedside lamp so score one for me ;)

The only items left that are on the splurge side of things are two of these Honeycomb Pillows from West Elm...

Honeycomb Crewel Pillow Cover – Platinum

They are more expensive than I would regularly pay but since I have gotten great deals on most everything else in the bedroom, I feel like I am well within budget to purchase these.  The color and pattern are perfect for the space, but I am still holding out in case I come across anything else in the next week or so.  If not, I will suck it up and order them.

The last on the list WOULD BE a HUGE splurge if I was actually purchasing them, but I have an idea up my sleeve.
Climbing Man Wall Sculpture (sold individually)

You may be familiar with The Climbing Man Wall Sculpture.  The first time I saw these,  Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson used them in a client's home makeover.  When I searched around online, the cheapest I found them was for $87 dollars.  That is not for the set!  That is individually.   So I would be looking at upwards of $500 for the collection of sculptures!!!  If I had the money, they would be worth it, but since that would be more than my entire budget for my son's room makeover, it won't work for me.

My solution, which may or may not work (this is yet to be determined), is to recreate these using a clay base form and then paint them.  I know I may be going out on a limb here, but I'm gonna give it a shot.

If it works, I will share the tutorial.  If it doesn't work and they turn into lumps of clay, I will just tell you I went with another piece of artwork ;)

Here's another look at the Design Board...

If you would like a Design Board Package created for a space in your home, including a mood board like above, a room layout, and a complete source list to purchase the items, you can contact me at