January 21, 2013

French Country Living Room Update

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a nice weekend!  I know I did.  This weekend was very productive for Seaside Interiors.  We were able to get the valances installed in the bay window area of my client's breakfast nook and yesterday, we completely transitioned a living room from start to finish including painting the walls.  I will share all of the pictures for that room tomorrow.

So today, I wanted to give you an update on the French Country Living Room I am currently and nearly finished working on.

This couple is retiring, or semi-retiring should I say, to Virginia.  They will be permanent residents next month and they are super excited to be able to stay in one place and not have to travel back and forth. 

Every client needs a little something different and they already knew their tastes in what they liked and didn't like when it came to decorating.  Which is a huge help for me to stream line the process for them.

So where do I come in?  I was able to come up with a design plan including paint, decor, and hints on tips on how to work with some of their existing furniture and also how to bring in some new additions to add to the mix.  The clients were able to purchase some of the larger items such as the couch and chair while ordered the console table, artwork for the fireplace, rug, and some accessories.  All in all, it has been a really fun experience working with my client's this way.

There are still accent pieces that are needed to be brought into the room.  I am currently searching for a tray to go on their coffee table and baskets for their side and console table.  I have to put up a grouping of four doggy artwork pieces around their larger TV console table that will come in February.  Besides a few finishing touches, the room is coming together nicely. 

Here is the color palette, I shared previously, that I came up with for the living room and and adjoining breakfast nook in their kitchen...
And here is the design board that we are working from...

Here is the BEFORE...

 You can see in this photo, a maroon colored chair, the smaller TV unit, and the rug that the clients had originally.  For the new design, the chair and rug were not a good fit, so a new recliner and rug was ordered.  

This was the previous sofa.  Nothing really wrong with it, but they were ready for something new.  So the new sofa was ordered for this area. 

This was a nice and simple french country design, but it was a little small for the space and I had something different in mind.

Here is the photo of the  fireplace flanked with two built in bookcases.  The original plan was to have these painted white, but the clients really loved the honey tone of them and they match nicely with the kitchen cabinets so we kept them as they were.  I always keep in mind when working with people that they are the ones living in this space, I am just there for guidance and suggestions.

This is the chair that was going to stay in the room.  My client had purchased it a while ago and loves the look and comfort of it.  So, I used it for my color inspiration and as a jumping off point for the rest of the room.

Here is During...

 I chose to go with Languid Blue by Sherwin Williams.  I can honestly say this will be a go to blue for me when decorating.  It has just the right amount of gray undertone and it is such a warm blue.  

We brought the color into the kitchen.  You can see in this photo how the honey tones of the kitchen cabinet mimics the tones in the bookcases in the adjoining living room.

Here in the bay window area I chose Needlepoint Navy by Sherwin Williams.  This photo is very dark so it doesn't show the color very well, but I thought it was great and the clients loved it too. 

This is what the color looks like.  Isn't it pretty?  I love the white molding against the navy background.  Off to the right is the valances we just installed.

Red Ladder Painting, Co. did all of the interior painting for both the kitchen and the living room.  I get so excited seeing how paint makes all the doors and trim work pop.

And here is the ALMOST After...

Nice right?  I love how the floral patterned chair doesn't stand out now.  We went with a wheat colored recliner to go with it, so now it feels part of the room.  What do you think about the rug?  It is my favorite piece in the space.

A view from the back of the couch.  A great console table to fit the space.  I am going to get probably two baskets to go underneath the table for the bottom shelf.  Since my clients have a dog, it would be nice to maybe use a closed style basket or something like that do hide all the doggy toys.

A pretty landscaped painting of a lighthouse for over the fireplace.  

I love how bright and airy it feels.  The new pillow cushions are on the existing pillows.  Now we just need a red tray for the table to pull a little more of the red accents in to the room.

The valances are up and finished.

 A close up of the valance that we just put up over the weekend.

A shot of the valance covered in the material in more natural lighting.

 Here is the close up of the envelope style pillow covers made in the same material as the valances for the breakfast room.  If you can bring in a matching element in both areas, it ties the rooms together.  My matching element was this fabric.

The great thing about the envelope style on a pillow is that they can always be taken off to wash, spot treat, or dry clean.

So that's it for now, I hope you enjoyed the transformation and I will keep you posted on the final additions to the room.

Stay tuned tomorrow for all of the before and afters on another living room install.

Bye for now :-)

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  1. The room looks fabulous! I really love both of the blue paint colors that you chose. The space looks so new and fresh!

  2. Thanks Jessica, I love seeing comments from readers! I appreciate the feedback. A few finishing touches and it should be complete :-)

  3. I love the paint colors you chose. Can't wait to see it when it's done!

    -Tiana @ muse-decor.com

    1. Thanks Tiana, I was for sure on the light gray-blue color, but I was a little worried that the darker blue might be a little over powering until we got it on the wall. Then the stress went away ;-)

  4. OMG, I love the rug and how the chair picks up the color in it! The room looks gorgeous,