May 03, 2012

Fence and Shed Update

I hope everyone is having a great week!  We are working hard to finish up some big and little projects around here.  The big projects are the fence and shed and they are more than half way finished.  Want a little peak? 

 This is a shot of Dustin putting together his string line to keep all of the pickets in order.  I really like the post caps!

 What do you think of the 6 x 6 posts?  I think they give a really nice weighted feel to the fence.  I was concerned that we had gone to big when we drew it out, but now seeing it in person, I am completely happy with it.

 I have a lot of step by steps for the shed that I will show in up coming posts, but for now, I  want to show you some of the pictures of the process.  We were deciding in this shot where the window was going and at what height we were going to put it.  My niece thinks this is the perfect height :)

We now have Dustin's dream shed nearly completed.  What's left to do on the shed?  Let's see

List of Shed To Do's
Paint (To match the house)
Trim Work
DIY Shutters
DIY window box for flowers

And as far as the fence goes, we are looking about another 3 days of work or so ;-)  Ahh, I can hardly contain myself!!!  I definitely got overly excited when I came home the other day and saw that Dustin had picked up this bad boy...

That's what I am talking about.  So I told him that I couldn't wait to spray the shed and fence.  To which he told me, "that's nice sweety, but I got this."  When I answered with a big WHAT?  He said, " yep, cause you have to read the directions on the sprayer."  Is he kidding me?  This coming from the guy who won't ask for directions!  But have no fears, I will spray something! Not sure what yet, but I will find something, mwahaha!   


  1. Hey! I'm Ally from! Love your home and your stuff! Come say hello on mine as well! Would love to feature each other sometime!

  2. Sure Ally that would be great, I saw a few wonderful furniture revamps that you did on your blog that I would love to feature :)

  3. Helen, I'm loving the fence and the shed! Can't wait to see it finished. Got to have a window box for sure! Thanks and hope you visit me soon. Helen

  4. Looks like you’ve been busy these past few weeks. Have you finished building the shed? I like your idea of matching the paint with your house. That’s kind of a cool thing. Anyway, please let me know if you’re done with the construction. I’d love to see how it looks.-> Roxie Magnus

    1. Hey Roxie, we have finished up the shed. It ended up taking several months so for some reason I thought I posted the follow up, but hmmm I did not. I will get that up for you. ;-) Thanks so much for taking the time to check back in!