March 20, 2012

Beach Coastal Morning Room Makeover

I hope everyone is doing well on this lovely Tuesday!  Today I have put together a post on the progress of our Morning Room.  I am continuing the Beach Coastal flow from the Family Room through the rest of the first floor rooms.  
The Morning Room in our house is the room just of the kitchen. 

The name Morning Room sounds so very exciting to me.  I picture someone smoking a pipe in a lounge type setting while drinking a fine wine, and reading some amazing novel!  But unfortunately, we don't smoke pipes or have much time to read amazing novels, however, we are available to drink a fine wine ;-)   So, we opted to use this room on a daily basis as an eat in kitchen area.  I know, sounds so boring when I put it that way!

So here is the room freshly painted by the builder...

And when we just moved in
(off to the right where the windows are).

Here is the Morning Room now...

I am thrilled with how far it has come!  Let's take a closer look!

 Here, you can see the frame outs of the windows, the new bamboo blinds from, and the wall treatment we did.

 The chandelier is from Pottery Barn.  I had been wanting the canning jar lighting since they became available, so I waited and waited until it was on sale and then I snatched it up!  The table and chairs are from our local Haynes Furniture Store.  I fell in love with this table when I saw it because I was looking for a table big enough to host get togethers for all of my family and friends.  This table has 1 more additional leaf (not in this pic) so that it will seat 10.  It has already gotten some use during family functions and birthday parties in the past few months!  The 6 x 9 ft. sisal rug is from World Market.  I managed to pick it up  for $99 smackers!  

 In this room, we opted to go a shade darker than the kitchen and attached family room.  The color in this room is Quietude by Sherwin Williams.

 Here is a better shot of the wall treatment!

I still have to purchase bar stools for this side, but I just wanted to show you another angle of the horizontal stripes on the wall.

A Closer Look at the Accessories...

 I purchased the jars and filler items, except for the starfish, at Home Goods.  I know Shocker, me at Home Goods ;-)  The starfish and table runner came from Marshall's. 

The vase filler and starfish in this photo came from Marshalls and the coral came from Kohl's (well technically it came from our friend's wedding reception, when I asked where she purchased them from, she made me take two of them home).  Yippee!!  I might of been a bit happier than the hubs since we had to carry them along the beach back to our hotel, he he!

 I'm thinkin' every beachy room needs a telescope, right?  This telescope was not really in the plans for this room, I got it for my son for Christmas at CVS for $20.  I know I am a bit of a cheap skate :)   He doesn't really use it much, maybe because for a $20 telescope, you can only see the trees in the backyard.  No, I'm kidding, but I figure since it is just sitting there, it might want to chill out in the morning room ;-)

 A close up shot of the Chandelier lighting. 

 A few things left to do? 

 On the back wall where the set of 3 windows are, I am going to put oars over the windows.

I found both of these oars, wait for it, HomeGoods ;-) 
 I have already started sanding one of them down.  I don't know which direction I want to take them in yet.  I may try to keep the darker navy colored combo and just switch it up on the lighter oar.  I was also thinkin' to do a white wash on them and bring in some of the turquoise or chartreuse color with a stripe or two on each.  Oooh, I just don't know yet!

Also, on both sides of the windows, I want to build some shelves inspired by this picture that I found on Pinterest...

Pinned Image

I love the look of aged wood or barn wood against silver(in this case metal brackets).

The store where I found my ladder, Everything Vintage, Co. In Toano, Va, now has a room specifically allocated for barn wood.  They must have known I needed some barn wood, so they prepared a whole room just for my one shelf.  So thoughtful, lol ;-) 

I think I know where I will be headed this week! 

If you have any questions about the wall treatment or trim work, my next post will be about the behind the scenes process, from the "how to" on the wall treatment, to the process of the trim work around the windows and the entire entry into the morning room!!  So, don't forget to pop back in and check it out!

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  1. Oh my, i love this space! SO open and just gorgeous! I linked it on my fb page and will feature it next week :)

    1. Thanks Kristin, I really appreciate it, ;-)

  2. What a gorgeous room!! I love everything about it! You did an awesome job!

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

  3. FABULOUS!!...I'm loving all of it...going back to follow...nice to meet you...:)...Mariaelena

    1. Mariaelena, thank you for becoming a follower, I really appreciate it!!!

  4. Hi Ladies, thank you so much for the comments, that is really nice of you :)

  5. So pretty! I had ordered that PB fixture a long time ago, and it was back ordered so I gave it up! Regret it now after seeing this! It's so casual, yet kind of formal. Love it :) I'm now following you too! Can't wait to see what else you do. Love your style!


    1. Hey Christine, I know what you mean about the lighting. I wanted the milk bottle one for my dining room and it was sold out before I could blink! Thanks so much for following ;)

  6. Your room is looking lovely and fresh. I love anything coastal. That table is my fave. We are looking for a large extending table to put in our dining room.

  7. I see you own a Ryan home. Where do you live? We are in SC. Very lovely. What model did you choose?

    1. We chose the Ravena. I really loved how the staircase was on the opposite side and opened into the family room! I also loved the open concept of the kitchen/morning room/family room. Do you have one of the Ryan Homes too?

  8. We researched the ryan homes and i LOVED the genevieve (all brick). But we are moving to Charleston, SC so we didnt end up building a ryan home. Ryan isnt building in the Charleston area. I do love there homes though. ;)

    1. That's a bummer that they aren't building in Charleston, but Charleston SC is a gorgeous place, so that's a definite plus ;)

  9. I stopped over from my uncommon slice of suburbia and I am blown away by this room. The eating area is amazing and the light fixture is perfect in the space. Oh and I love the oars. Your newest follower

    Lisa @ Creative Raisins

    1. Hey Lisa, thanks for commenting and becoming my newest follower. I think the name of your site is adorable!

  10. Very pretty and relaxing. I love that you are carrying the blue throughout the house. I'm a new follower. Hope you'll visit me too.

  11. Thanks Andrea, I really appreciate that you are following. I am heading over to visit you :)

  12. Hi Helen,
    Visiting your blog from the power of paint. Fabulous job on your morning room and I really love your coastal style. I am a Brit too in Chicago and blogging about my creative adventures
    Just subscribed to your blog and off to explore more of your posts!

    1. Hi, thanks for coming by for a visit and following along! Good to see a fellow Brit bloggin away! I can't wait to come over and check out your site, see you soon ;)

  13. LOVE this post. Thanks! We are in the process of moving forward with the "Genevieve" with Ryan homes. I am praying hard. Once the loan goes through I'll start letting my decoration-imagination run wild. Was thrilled to seeh how you decorated your morning room!


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