September 26, 2012

More fun with Project Decor!

I had a lot of fun yesterday working on a board for Project Decor!  I came across an inspirational photo online this morning, so I decided to use it to create a fun mix of color in a bedroom atmosphere! 
Here is my mix of turquoise, red, and gray...
I hope you enjoy seeing these design boards as much as I enjoy creating them :)
I am currently working on two fun design boards this week for some new clients.  Hopefully I will be able to have the first one ready to share by Friday!
If you would like an inspirational room board created for a room in your home you can contact me at or hop on over to my website Here for pricing and examples of previous room boards. 


  1. Oh, these are fun!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog today!
    Interestingly enough, I've visited yours before and I love it. I look forward to visiting more regularly!

    1. Aww, thanks for allowing me to snoop around all of your great makeovers Renee!