September 17, 2012

What Pendant Lighting Would You Choose?

I think that lighting is one of the most impactful ways to make a statement in a room!  Just changing out or adding new lighting makes an enormous difference and can bring such a great deal of character to a bland space. 
I have been on the prowl for pendant lighting for our kitchen for quite a while now.  We currently have some recessed lighting in the kitchen, but that's about it, so since we have a long center island that slants into sort of an L shape, I thought it would be great to do some drop down pendants along that area.  Bringing down light mid level like that always gives off a more intimate glow.  With having the pendant and recessed lighting, I think it will really brighten up the space in the evening too!
I have come across some really great pendants, but here are a few of my most favorite ones...
Pinned Image
This type of lighting is very nautical and would fit right in at my house.  I love the shininess of the chrome and how it bounces the light around the room.
Imagine if you took out the lighting in this kitchen, go on, cover them with your hand ;-)  Doesn't it feel like it is missing a wow factor?   
Pinned Image
This kitchen is fantastic alone, but the lights just take it overboard!!!  I can't stop staring at these ones.  They would go great with the lighting that I have in the adjacent morning room.
                        These are the pottery barn Exeter 16-Jar Pendant Lights which you can find here.
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Another option is the glass globe lighting.  They would also match well with the morning room lighting I have.  Can you imagine what this room would feel like in the evening with these guys all lit up?  Ahhh relaxation! 
Now if I could just decide on brown or gray wood flooring I would be ahead of the game.  I am heading out to a model home today that is the same one as my house, but it is fully decorated, so I will bring back some pics and share them with you.  I may have to stop in at lumber liquidators to see some floor samples and get your feedback. 
Enjoy your Monday :)

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