September 11, 2012

Chocolate Eclair Cake

Last week, I went to a neighbors get together and I wanted to make something quick and easy.   I am at that point in my life that I whatever I make needs to be quick, a few ingredients, and needs to taste great!  So I came across this fabulous Chocolate Eclair Cake on Pinterest and thought it fit the bill. 
Only five ingredients:          French Vanilla Pudding
                                   Graham Crackers
                                    Whipped Topping
                                                A Tub of Chocolate Icing
And my friends, that is it!  Yeperoo and it was awesome!   It tasted really good the first night and amazing the next day!!!  I would definitely make it the night before an event so all the layers can get soft and yummy!  
And here is what she looks like in all her glory! 
Chocolate Eclair Cake
You can get the recipe Here.
I will have to take my own picture next time, before we stuff our faces ;-).
Oh and tonight, I came across this picture on Pinterest...
:)  (brownie,yum,chocolate,dessert,delicious,recipe,cookie,reeses,food,eat,baking,bake,yummy)
Ooh scrumptious! 
So this one is only 3 ingredients of pure happiness, or at least I think it will be!  I am putting this in my list of special treats to make.