September 04, 2012

Inspiration for the Remodel

Hey guys, I hope you had a wonderful labor day weekend!!!  We had such a great weekend that I need to take a day off, lol.  My doggy and I are relaxing on the couch and doing laundry all day today.  Well, he's not doing the laundry but he's doing the relaxing and he's very good at that part. ;-)
So, needless to say, what better time to take a break...
The kids started school today, the house is quiet, things are slowly getting cleaned up, and I am starting the mental process of transforming several rooms in our home.  So I hopped on pinterest and found some really great inspirational pictures for our home that I wanted to share!!!
Laundry Room
Our laundry room might not be a big space, but you won't hear me complaining since our laundry room in our last home was a laundry closet.  When I came across this picture of the washer and dryer and the spacing, it has a very similar feel to my laundry room.  I had mentioned to my husband last week that I would like to tile the back wall behind the machines and now I have a picture of reference for him to weigh in on his opinion.  I am not looking for marble counters, I would just like a basic white counter that goes across the units from wall to wall.  Then above that, I like how they have cabinets on either side and shelving in the middle, so I can store the not so cute stuff inside the cabinets and then the pretty stuff on the shelving in some organized baskets.  I had not even thought about a TV in the laundry room, but I say why not?  If you want me to do the laundry without griping and complaining, this would shut me up!  Although, I am only in there for 5 minutes at a time, folding and changing loads.  So ok, I will just go with a few shelves there instead ;( 
Dining Room
There is something about this little nook, that I think is so comforting!  Maybe it's the Chocolate cake recipe or maybe it's the Phrase "If uncertain, Eat dessert first!"  It could be the actual cakes on pedestals to the left.  But let's be real,  I am pretty sure it's the gorgeous fridge filled with beautiful wine, lol!  I know there are a lot of chalkboard walls floating around the blogs, but this area would be great to post a recipe or put a menu up for a nice dinner.  If I had to pick one specific thing that I love it would be the combination of the chalkboard wall with the lighting.  I will have to figure out how to bring something like this design into my dining room.
Family Room
For the backs of the bookcases in the family room, I am going to paint it gray, but after seeing this picture, maybe it should have a little bead board put up first.  Either way, this is a really pretty shade of gray.
This is such a gorgeous kitchen!!!   What I know so far is that I want white cabinets with silver hardware.  I am pretty darn sure I want this style of pendant lighting.  Our cabinets do not currently go all the way up to the ceiling, so we are thinking to either do small cabinets with glass doors on top or maybe take the finishing crown molding up like in this shot and possibly do some glass doors instead of the already existing solid doors.  I am going to paint the island the same gray I choose for the back of the built ins to keep the flow running through both areas.  I haven't decided on a back splash, but maybe something with a bit of color.  Out of everything, my biggest fear is not picking the right color floors!!!  Ahh!!  Not something I can really change if I don't like it.  Dustin is liking the gray washed floors.  While I am having a hard time deciding between gray washed floors and a medium to dark brown floor.  I also like the look of the smooth floor and the look of the hand grooved flooring. 
I am sure I will find a lot more inspirational pictures along the way that I will share :)  Even though it is a little ways away before the transformations get under way, I am starting to get really excited!

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  1. I love that kitchen even though it is white it's not gaudy :)