March 15, 2012

Thrift Store Lamps Before and After

Well, apparently I like to go against the grain.  As I see all of these wonderful Chevron Pattern projects being done in blogland, I am taking something that already has a Chevron Pattern and completely changing it!  CRAZY you might say!  What in the world is she doing, you might be thinking! 

Well, my mum said that the two lamps she purchased at the thrift store were UGLY!  When I saw them, I said "Oh, that is a Chevron pattern."  My mum responded, "that's nice, can you do something with them."

So, I had to agree, even though I adore most things Chevron, the lamp shades were a really weird looking material and they were the ugliest shade of tan/brown and orange I think I have seen. 

 See what I mean?  Or is it just me? 

So I primed them as much as I could to get rid of the Chevron pattern, but they didn't want to leave!  Can you really blame them? 

For color combinations, my mum wanted something with grays and lavenders.  Since she is quite a modern gal, I found this material for her on Etsy

For a step by step on how to cover a lamp shade with fabric, I popped over to I Heart Organizing.  She has a fantastic tutorial! 

 First I ironed the fabric (picture not shown since I looked like I had giant "man hands" and well, I think we all know what ironing looks like ;-) 

Then I measured the circumference around the lamp shade and measured the height of the shade allowing an inch extra above and below the lampshade, to give enough fabric to fold over.

 Once I had my measurements, I used a piece of wood to draw a straight line with my pencil.

Cut, cut, cut!  A nice straight line.  Let's all just take a good look at the large hand and move on, it will be in many future pictures, so I think we should embrace it ;-)

 Take the glue gun and just run a line down the fabric and attach it to the seam of the lamp shade.

Then take this "bad boy" and spray away (I purchased mine at Walmart).  Spray the fabric and attach it to the lamp shade.  Use the warmth of your hand and rub across the fabric to adhere it to the shade.  Work your way around spraying.  Once you are done, add another line of hot glue and adhere it to the lamp shade.  Finally take an Exacto knife and run around the inside of the rim to cut off any excess fabric and hot glue it to the inside rim of the lamp shade.

When you are finished, your lamps should look like this...

I'm ready for my Close Up...

 Since I covered up the chevron pattern on the lamp shades,  I painted a chevron pattern on my coffee table tray.  So, there is now balance in the world again ;-) 
Hope you enjoyed the mini makeover.  My mum was pleased, so all is well!

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is seriously the best lamp makeover! I absolutely love this fabric, I loved the before but the after is like wow! I would absolutely love if you could share at one of my cheap finds and transformations party. These are so perfect! I'm your latest follower;)

    1. I'm so glad that you like the lamp makeover, I was sort of hesitant at first to cover up the chevron pattern ;) I just added the lamp makeover to the cheap finds and transformation party. Thanks for following me :)
      I am your newest follower too!