March 27, 2012

Just the Girls in South Carolina

Recently I took a long weekend trip to South Carolina.  It was a trip for just the girls.  A close friend of mine wanted to have her birthday in Myrtle Beach, so that is just what we did!  I have never been on a girls trip.  No kids or husbands allowed.  Although it sounds thrilling, after four days of being away from the family, I was ready to get home to them :)

I should warn you,  you may get picture overload!  This happens when I share so many exciting pics, you just can't contain yourself ;-) 

Here We Go...

We loaded up my little sister's Honda Fit. That little car can hold a lot! As you can see here, Pluto is ready for the trip. I brought Pluto so I could sleep in the car, which didn't happen since my sister and I found too many things to chat about on the way!

 Not only have I never had a girl's trip, I have also never had a sister vacation, so by our overly cheesy grins, you could tell we where a little too excited :)

 Lauren (a.k.a. birthday girl) on the left and her good friend Casey on the right.  That makes four people piled up in my sister's car.  We had two more girls with us, they were traveling in another car behind us.

So what did we see along the way?

Apparently this semi truck thought rather highly of itself! 

The Birthday girl gasped when she saw this license plate!  She yells from the back seat, "What, you can't put those two teams together on a license plate."  She is a Red Sox fan, so let's just say she was rather disgusted, ;-).

When we arrived, I went outside and this is the view I saw from our room!  I didn't even realize that we would be right on the water.  To pay $80 each for a four night stay in a condo on the water, Ahh, Priceless!  Gotta love off season rates.

Did I mention that we were 12 floors up.  Did I forget to mention that I was afraid of heights!  Don't worry, I sacrificed my fear for the view!

 On our first night out, we went to MargaritaVille.  The food was great!  While we where there, a giant bottle of Margarita mix came out of the hurricane and filled up a blender.  It was so cool!

 Here we all are together!

 The birthday girl had been dyin' to go to a place called Wet Willies.  It is the 7-11 of slurpies, only these ones are for adults!  We had a lot of fun trying a few different flavors.

 The next day was a cloudy dreary day, Perfect for me!  I love these kinds of days, maybe because I am British or maybe because I am really pale and afraid of sunlight.  Either way, I was happy :)

If you are ever in Myrtle Beach and you like seafood, you HAVE GOT TO eat here!!  The restaurant is called 2nd Avenue pier.

Hello beautiful swordfish and gray washed paneling!

Hello BEAUTIFUL beams and metal brackets, Ahhh!

 Hello 2nd Ave Pier Menu!  Ok really, there menu was on a wood board with their name burnt in to it.  Awesome!

A few shots from inside the restaurant. 

I know this is going to come as a SHOCK to those of you who have been reading my blog thus far, but would you believe that I found a HomeGoods in Myrtle Beach.  I wanted to buy so many of the neat things I saw, but that would have meant that one of us was walking home since there was not enough room in the car.  And since there were no takers for a long stroll back to Va, I just gazed at all the pretty things!  Don't worry, I did manage to squeeze a metal wired trash can and a hammer head shark into my luggage.

I love this little shelving unit, so cute!!

And for the beach decor lovers (that's me, that's me!)  Here are some really pretty turquoise bathroom accessories.  A coral soap dish,  A starfish toothbrush holder, a sea shell hand soap dispenser and the larger rectangle pieces with a coral accent are a tissue holder and trash can.

But this is where my heart broke :-(  I wanted to bring this unit home so stinkin' badly!  It would have gone perfect in my bathroom.  I mean come on, look at those baskets.  It was just not fair.

 I need a moment, I feel a tear coming.    Thank you for waiting, now we can move on ;)

More SHOPPING, oh OK!!

We went shopping at Boardwalk at the Beach (a huge shopping center full of all kinds of stores). 

The store we loved the most, might have to be a place called It's Sugar.

 Anyone for an extremely large roll of Sweet tarts?  Can you imagine trying to fit them discreetly into your purse to take into the movie theater?  No, I don't sneak in sweets either ;-)

 Just the look on that girls face makes my mouth all watery.

 At first I thought it was filled with Hershey syrup, which meant I would have to get it, of course.  Who doesn't need a HUGE bottle of Hershey syrup to pour into a small glass of milk?  BUT it was a coin bank, so I was able to pass it by.

 Don't go thinkin' all pervy people, I am still in the candy store and I am holding the largest gummy worm I have ever seen!  It could be in a horror film.

I think it pretty much started at birth, but my sister has had an infatuation, wait that's not a strong enough word.  How about addiction or a stalkerish interest in Reese Cups.  So she hit the mother load when she found this pack of Reese cups.  Each cup weighed 1 pound.  Since my kids are following in her Reese Cup foot steps, I got them one to share and Sam got one pack, well, NOT to share!

If you need to stop and take a brake here before we continue, please do!  We only have about 700 more pictures to go ;-) the bird.

This is my sister thinking she's funny trying to get a picture close to the bird.

This is the bird letting my sister know who's BOSS!  Attack! Attack! (I nearly dropped my camera laughing so hard at how fast my sister hauled butt.)

On our third day there, Lauren got a call from the lobby to pick up a gift.  When she got there, she was surprised to see that her hubby had sent her flowers! 

And that's how it is done gentleman, take some notes ;) 
Look how happy she is!

 Once we got dressed we decided to do some antiquing but I didn't really see anything special.  
Then I found a beach shop that sold some of the cutest beachy things.
The shop wasn't on the cheap side, so I didn't get anything, but I did come away with some great inspiration!

 How cute are these guys!

 I totally fell for this sign.  Look at those kids in their old fashioned bathing suits!

 Look at her with her little swim cap on ready to hit the beach!

I am in awe of the work that went into these quilts!!  Some of them have really contemporary patterns and I think the way they are hung up is adorable! 

 This is the kind of lamp I was looking for, but I wanted mine in silver.

 Such a cute tray and I really like the rope handles.

For one of their displays, they painted circles on the floor to match the chairs.  I think that would be  a fun idea to do in a kid's playroom. 

So we finally departed the store and headed back to the Condo, but on the way we saw a Goodwill (thrift store).  So, we stopped and when I walked in, I was sort of shocked to see the way it looked inside.

 Have you ever seen a Goodwill this organized and fashionable?  I know that Goodwill color coordinates their clothing and other items, but look at all these mannequins ready to hit the town.  Go AHEAD Goodwill!

I woke up on the last morning of our trip to see this view off the veranda...

Ahhhh! I could just sit there all day looking at that view!

Bye South Carolina!!

On Friday, my family is heading to Canada.  If you are thinking, wow that girl travels.  Well, not really.  Both of these trips just came up within the past couple of months.  We usually take one family trip a year and we are happy with that, but we are thrilled to travel to Quebec City.  I have never been above Pennsylvania, so this is exciting for me!   I will take lots of pictures and share them with you when we return. 


  1. I just found your blog through Better After and have already subscribed. I have one question, how does Wet Willies charge for the drinks?

    1. Hi Emily, thanks so much for subscribing :) Wet willies charges you by the drink like most other places, but they allow you to sample different flavors that you want to try. They only charge you for the actual drink you purchase, so the little shooter samples are free. We all got the $8 take home cups.