March 09, 2012

Parade of Homes Inspiration

Today I am on my first Girls vacation ever!  I am with some wonderful friends in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.  There is a whole list of little beachy type boutique shops and vintage stores here that I want to visit. 

Hopefully I will come across some "Nifty" little things and maybe bring a few things home, ;-)   ;-). 
I will take lots of pics to share! 

So today since I'm in a beachy mood, I wanted to share with you guys some of the pictures that I took at the Buckroe Beach Parade of Homes.  It was so fun and inspirational!  I came away with some awesome decorating ideas!!

Oh what I wouldn't do for a double porch, or at least a single porch.

I love the colors on this house and the outdoor fans are awesome!

So Stinkin' Cute!
I really like the way the entrance is separate from the front porch.  

Exterior Lighting

These are the lights that I want for outside of our front door and garage area.

I think just having simple decorative hardware in black makes such a big impact!

Interior Lighting

The pictures that I took of the lights were in several different houses, so that's why the feel of some of them don't go with others.

Really Cute and kinda' funky. 

I love how simple and sleek this light fixture is.
One of my FAVORITE things was this area on the staircase!  Bringing the outdoors in, Really Cool!  I want to do this somewhere in my house, maybe up the staircase or along my upstairs hallway. 
Here is another shot of the siding indoors.  This is one of the lights that I have debated over purchasing for my front hallway or maybe 2 of them over the kitchen island.  I go back and forth between these and the silver school house pendants.
So soothing!


OK, who wouldn't want a beach house kitchen with a chalkboard wall.  Brilliant!!

On the other side of the kitchen was this booth and table.  Breakfast for two anyone? 

The bead board look that I would love to add to the back of our island one day.

From here on out, you may see a few Where's Waldo Lacey photos. She wanted a day out with mommy and daddy and she chose a movie and Parade of Homes. That's my girl :)


I really like how sleek and simple the tub faucet is.  And who wouldn't want a tub that deep to soak in?  Me Please!!!

The handsome man in the mirror doesn't come with the bathroom, he he!  I really like the finish on the sink.  I want to do an open concept bathroom vanity instead, but I am really diggin' the sink!

This sink has a sorta "sea glass oceany" feel.  I know, such technical terms.

 Trim Work

Definitely want to do transom windows above my dining room, front entry, and office area.  Hopefully this project will be done in the near future,    a ;-) to the hubs!

It's all in the details,  Just adding a little molding to the top of the door frame finishes it off nicely.
I love this blue gray color on the walls, but I couldn't find out from the builder what color they used, bummer :-(   For the closet in the back they added some wood shelves, which makes for a nice organized closet.  Throw some baskets in there and call it a day!
 I  really gravitate to the more simple clean lines style of trim work.  I would love this style door in my house!

 Living Rooms

 These are the blinds we just bought for our down stairs (We got the lighter color shades).  I had read that they are not full privacy shades, but the title should read, NO Privacy Shades.  You can see right through these bad boys at night.  I wouldn't trade them though, they are adorable!

Nice soothing color combo.  Love the rug!

I would like to do something like this in the front office!  Just a cute sitting area.

These side chairs would be great in my family room,  2 please!  I really like the end tables and the lamps are awesome!


Tell me that this is not the most adorable thing ever!!!  Look at the old fashioned bathing suits and the bed frame of pallets!

And why not make an easy simple desk out of pallets.  Free pallets and a cheap piece of glass.  Done deal!
Here is that gray blue color again.  Ahhh!!!! 

Like the wood floors.
Where's Waldo Lacey!  I really like the finish on this bed frame.  It goes really nice with the coral bedding!
I like how they softened up the bed frame with some pretty white linen curtains and the white washed sunburst mirror looks really good at the head of the bed.

 Beach House Accents

I want one of these, Where will I put it?  I don't know, but I want one!
I think this is a really nice way to display sea shells. 
I really want these for my walls, but at about $400 for the three of them, Umm, I will keep lookin'.

My favorite, favorite piece that I saw. Do you see the phrase amongst the words, "Follow the River and You will Find the Sea." So cute!!

I really like these floors.  Up close, they had "dings" in the wood, which is great when you have little ones that will add more "dings" to it.

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing - so many wonderful beach decor ideas...I loved the glass vase with the sand and pretty sea shells. I want to do that with my seashell collection. And that seahorse art - just lovely.

    1. Thanks for checking out the blog and taking the time to comment :)