May 22, 2013

Zen/Spa Retreat Living and Dining Room Mood Board 2 Ways!

Let me start out today by wishing my ridiculously GREAT husband a VERY Happy Birthday!!!  Happy Birthday Dust!  I have to give a big shout out to him for several reasons:
1. Because WELL, he's Awesome!

2. Because he always works hard to help everyone else.  For example, he will be up on a scafolding helping his client and then over to my parents to install a new fan for them.  All while he could have taken the day off. 

We are lucky to have him and just want him to know how much he is loved!  
We have some fun dinner plans so he at least gets the night off ;-)

Now onto worky stuff...

Yesterday I shared the wall color and lighting options for my clients that are hoping to have a Zen or Spa like Retreat.  Click HERE to see those options.  When I met with them for a consultation appointment yesterday, I was also able to share the Design Boards that I created for their Zen/Spa Retreat Living and Dining area.

For the dining room, I chose a softer Spa Like Pallet and for the Living Room I went with more of a Zen like space with some apple green touches.  That way the clients could choose which way they wanted the mood of the room to go and then I could just alter either design board.

The first one is my FAVORITE of the two, but I'll share both.

Here is the  Zen Spa Dining Retreat...
 I was really nervous to share the designs since I knew my clients where so hopeful to have a place not only that they like, but somewhere to escape to after a long day of work, and I wanted to get it right for their tastes.

I really like the freshness that this Design Board brings. The apple green is Yum Yum! With the the fun hanging lanterns in three sizes to the tree branch wall decal, it gives a cooler vibe.

So, which design board did they choose for the color?


They chose the muted tones of the Spa like Dining Room.  We may still bring in touches of green, but the overall space will have the feel of the Dining Room Design Board.

I was really hoping to bring in the tree branch decal on the right wall in the dining room and they liked it so much that I got the go ahead.  For the Spa Dining Room Design Board, my client said it was just what she wanted.  She really liked the metal wall structure that holds little tea lights that will go above her buffet and the glass orb pendants where her favorite.  SCORE!!!

Now on to doing a little change around for the living room furniture and then on to ordering some of these cool pieces.

I still have two other areas for their foyer area and sitting room that are in need of new matching light fixtures and a drop down pendant for over the kitchen bistro table.  I will share the final choices in those this next week.

Have a great Wednesday!  

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  1. I like them both. But I just got back from Amelia Island in Fernandina Beach Florida and I just posted a post on these standing branch lamps, and a ceiling branch lighting fixture and I just loved them. So when I see the option 2 with the basket lighting and the tree branches I just think that is so appealing.
    Thanks, Patty @

    1. Sounds like you took a really fun trip and found some really cool stuff! Now I want to go to Amelia Island :-)

  2. Both boards are great. That green is yummy. I would have trouble choosing though.

    1. I will possibly find out tomorrow on which color combo!