May 09, 2013

Guest Blogging at House of Turquoise!!!

Today I am absolutely THRILLED to be guest blogging for Erin at House of Turquoise!!!  Erin's blog is my favorite go to blog for gorgeous rooms in all shades of turquoise.  I'd love for you to come on over, check out the post, and also have a look around at the amazing rooms on House of Turquoise!

I will be sharing a recent makeover of a living room that I created that is accented in touches of turquoise!

Take care and have a great Thursday!

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  1. I just found your blog through your guest post today on House of Turquoise. I love the living room and everything in it. Very talented!

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely compliment!! I appreciate you leaving feedback on the room ;-)

  2. Hi Helen, I am visiting from House of Turquoise. I loved your guest blog post! We seem to have the same sense of humor! The living room turned out fantastic and I really am coveting the white (coral) art)!!! So chic! I see you live in the Richmond area. I am in Raleigh, NC. I just started doing design boards for my local clients (no time for online clients right now). I am currently using Polyvore to create my boards, but they do not always have the items I want. What program are you using? They look great? Following you via Google! Would love a follow back ;)

    1. Hey Karen, thanks so much!!!
      I forgot to mention that I use to create my design boards. I am following you back too ;-)