May 13, 2013

Orange and Gray Color Combo!

I love seeing color trends that transition so well through different styles.  One color combo that I keep coming across lately, that I really like, is an orange and gray color scheme!  It seems to have a great balance between soothing and exciting.  Since ORANGE is such a bold and powerful color I think it looks best brought in sparingly.  If not, it can really overwhelm a space.

Here are some great spaces using gray and orange that caught my eye...

This is a really soft neutral gray that has just a hint of orange with the drawer and cabinet knobs.  BUT adding the knobs gives it a completely different feel.  It would be such a fun space to do laundry in!


In this room, the gray comes in with the light gray walls, the lamp, and the gray blue arm chairs.  The orange is equally balanced by bringing it in through the lamps, the frames, pillows, and planter.  Keeping the rest of the room really light, bright, and airy allows for the vibrant colors to not overwhelm the space.  Gorgeous!!

So much about this space makes me happy!!  The balance of the gray walls in the living space and the kitchen and the base cabinet in the kitchen, counteracted by the different shades of orange.  From the burnt orange of the sofa and the kitchen nook, to the soft shades of orange in the rug, and finally to the brighter pop of orange in the dining seating, this space is so well thought out!  I know we are focusing on the gray and orange combo, but the first thing that always catches my eye in a room is great lighting and this space has it!!!  I LOVE the lighting and the placement of the lighting in the living room area and the lighting above the gorgeous dining table is just so cool!

So that no room is left untouched, let's check out a bathroom...


Bathrooms can be both fun and functional and this one seems to do just that.  By painting out the floating shelves in a fun shade of orange, it adds a bit of excitement to the space and takes the afterthought of a nook and turns it into an eye catcher!

Overall, just in these chosen pics, the color combo of gray and orange stayed the same while the design style of the rooms changed from casual, to coastal, to eclectic, to zen!  

Have you decorated any rooms in the gray and orange color combo?  If so, I would love to see some pics!!

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  1. I have never thought of using those colors together, I really like it

    1. They seem to balance really well together! Maybe the gray and yellow trend is turning to gray and orange :)