January 26, 2013

The Completely Neat Organization of an Ikea Office

Now that we are starting our office makeover, we are going to be picking pieces that are not only functional but also budget friendly.  So who better to take a look at than Ikea? 
I am like a kid on Christmas morning just thinking about the trip there and the free yogurt that I will get when I arrive.  Mmmm!!! 
I just headed over to the website and started looking for organizational pieces and found that you can sign up for free to be part of the Ikea Family.  Am I the last to know of this?  Probably!  Needless to say, if you have not heard of it either, you can sign up for free HERE.
For signing up you get some cool freebies and discounts.  Like buy one yogurt and get one for free when you receive your card.  Ok Yes Please, but could there be anything more that you would want besides Yogurt?  If there is, these are some of their benefits:
1.  Monthly product discounts available only in stores
2. Additional discounts in their restaurant
3.  A chance to scan your card in store and possibly win  a free $100 Ikea gift card
4.  Free coffee or hot tea every time you visit Ikea
5. 90 Day Price Protection
I can't wait to share with you the items that I will be purchasing for the room, the trip to Ikea, cause ya know I'm gonna find some good stuff to take pictures of, and the actual room makeover start to finish! 
Here are a few more office pics to get you excited, since they did for me...
Pinned Image
I LOVE the white palette boards across the wall.  I would like to incorporate them into my office and  up top to your right is more amazing storage that I'm sure I could find at Ikea.
I think also a trip to the Container Store is a must while I am visiting Ikea to pick up magazine holders and various other boxes and such to store my office supplies and other items.
     We have a nook area just like that and I was originally thinking to put a wood and metal unit in that area, but now...  Maybe this would be a more budget friendly option. 
    Have a great weekend.  Take care for now!
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