January 20, 2013

Dexter or Dustin?

Hey guys, today we are working on installing a contemporary living room for a couple who is looking for a comfy and sophisticated style.  Can't wait to show you all of the completed photos.  

So, now on to a completely non work related subject.  I got a call from my brother yesterday.  He is in Utah at the Sundance Film Festival.  He was all excited to tell me that he ran in to Michael C. Hall, ya know Dexter.  My favorite actor.  And he showed Dexter the pics of my Halloween party when Dustin and I dressed up as Dexter and the victim.  

So that of course made my day and made it well worth being wrapped in two boxes of plastic wrap, lol. Dustin always gets compared to Dexter, or as I like to call him Dex. We are close like that, He's seen me in plastic wrap ;-)  So let's see what you think.  

Here is the shot of my brother (in the back), his good friend, Kid (to the left), and Michael C.Hall (Dexter)...

And here is the shot of Dustin at the Halloween party...

Yes, No?  I think they do.  At least brothers right?    

Hope you guys have a great weekend and check back tomorrow on the room install I worked on yesterday, A living room with a french country vibe.

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