January 30, 2013

Redecorating and Painting my Mum's House!

Hey guys, I hope your week is going well,  I am just gearing up to do all of the baking and party stuff for my son's birthday party this weekend.  We are having 8 boys stay the night.  I know I give up!  He has made a lot of new friends at school this year and he really felt bad not inviting certain ones to his birthday party.  So, I had to put a stop at some point because, well... 8 boys for a Minecraft party is Coo Coo!
I will be posting some of the tutorials for the party coming up later on this week.  Everything from the cake, to the cookies, to the truffles, to the goody bags, decorations, and games.  I still have no clue as of yet as to what I am putting in the goody bags.  I know I am procrastinating, but we just got back from a trip and the laundry hasn't been done and the bags are still packed.  Does this happen to you guys or am I the only slob? 
Well, what I've been working on today might have something to do with why I am behind on unpacking things.

Since I opened my business in the summer of last year, I have had some amazing opportunities to work on different Room Installs and several Online Design Boards for clients.  Since this is my first year of business, I have taken every opportunity I could to create a memorable space for each person I have worked with. 
Most of the time when you go into a person's home, you are working to create the best room for their likes and personalities and that has been my goal each and every time.  Now, my newest clients goals and likes are pretty much the same as mine since she kinda gave birth to me and we kinda have the same taste in decorating.
Recently, my husband had decided to offer up his painting services to my mum and dad who are in desperate need of having their home updated.  My parents bought the house when I was 17 years old and still till this day, it has the same paint color that it did when they bought it.  In the midst of having Dustin paint the house, they were also hoping that I would be interested in helping them decorate.  Sort of a one room at a time thing. 
Their my mum and dad so of course I would be interested.  Also, my mum is slightly biased and likes pretty much everything I do.  As a kid  I would say, "look mum, I made a mud pie cake."  She would say, "that is the loveliest mud pie cake I've ever seen!"  Even now, if I cook her dinner, she will say something like "Oh wow, what did you put on this chicken, it is so tasty?"   Ummm, "Salt and Pepper mum."  So as you can see, she is very easy to please and definitely my kind of client ;-)
I went over to their house today and got started on some much needed wall fixin'.   MUCH NEEDED I say!   
This is how my mum has hung her artwork over the years.  You know, before those lovely 3M sticky tabs were invented.  I think my dad gave up on filling holes since my mum liked to change up her décor pretty regularly.  So she would just hang large enough pieces to cover the holes.  I have now convinced her to invest in a large quantity of the sticky wall hangers just in case she wants to move the artwork around.
 I worked for several hours today on pulling out nails, sanding the walls, and spackling the holes.  Since I like to keep things real, Yes these are my Paint pants and yes, I may or may not have sat on a toilet seat to paint my bathroom only to find out my husband had put the paint lid on the toilet seat. 
Sorry if I look like I had an accident, but I'm not giving these guys up.  They are comfortable!
So with all that said, I think this will be a great adventure with hopefully not too many hiccups along the way. 
The list of rooms and spaces include the kitchen, dining room, family room, living room, master bedroom, staircase, and stairway. 
First room on the list to get going on is the Dining Room.
You really only have these two main walls, 2 rounded posts off to the side on the right, and a central wall on the left of the photo.
There is one post to the right in this shot.
Here is the central wall to the left of the room.  So really an open concept dining room. 
Let's take a look at the to do list.
1. Finish spackling all of the holes in the walls.  Every dot, you see in the distance is a hole that needs fixing.  Then we are going to put this table and armoire set on Craigslist.  We are on a budget here people ;-)
2. Paint the walls a fun new color and Cheer LOUDLY since this beige color is the original color that is throughout the entire house.  It looks ok from a distance, but believe me, not so good up close.   My mum has already said that she will not be doing anything but sitting and watching as the first coat of paint goes on this wall.  She has plans, what can I say?
3.  Paint trim
4. Replace all light switches and plugs from cream to white.
5. Find new furniture for the space including a console table, unit, lamps, artwork, blinds, custom made drapery that my mum will be creating, a new table, chairs, and accessories. 
6. Cry in unison when the room is complete!
7. Start on the next room.
Most of the rooms just need a lot of TLC, but the kitchen, well, that needs a sledge hammer!  I'm not kidding, that place is SCARY!!!  So I will be trying my hand at not only decorating but designing my parents kitchen.  I will be doing it through Ikea's online kitchen design since we are squeaking by with a very small budget. 
Did I mention that my parents have never stepped foot in an Ikea?  I know sacrilege right?  So, Dustin and I are planning a trip to take my parents to Ikea in a few weeks.  Once I told my dad that they had good food for cheap, he was in. 
So, please stick around and catch our trips to some of my favorite stores and thrift shops and the transformation of each room as we give my parents a lovely redecorated and somewhat renovated home. 
This week I will be working on the Design Board for the Dining Room, so I hope to share some of the items we will be searching for or purchasing for the room.  Also, the great thing about working for family is that I can share where I purchase items from and how much things will cost us!  Yay! 
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  1. Im definately coming along for this ride, it's going to be fun watching their house come together.

    1. Thanks Marisa! Hopefully it will come together nicely :)

  2. I love your paint pants lol. I totally get it, I have two pair just like it!

    1. Yay, I'm not alone! I knew there was more people out there :-)

  3. Nice job, Helen! While I was looking the photos of your mother's house I couldn't but notice the wonderful dining chairs. They are so well-preserved, or at least they look so! I also like the color of the walls but the chairs took my heart! I am new follower and I would like to have a glance to my blog too and if you like to follow it! Thank you and see you again!!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and for inviting me to come and see your blog. I took a look around and can't wait to see more of your Ravenna! Yes, we all do things differently and I think we each do different things first. I haven't touched the Ryan Homes paint at all - except where I did touch up painting. I've picked up lots of chips and bought paint to paint the interior doors. I just have not made the changes yet.

    Show me your master bath! We have serrano tile in ours. I guess I'm going to look at it as the earth or sand and go for blue on the walls like the sky. Did you do the separate tub/shower too?

    1. Hey Tammi, I don't have too many shots of the master bath. We haven't done anything in there since we built the house, but here is a link to show you the bathroom when it was nearly finished with the tile surround around the bath. We did the separate shower that sits between the closet and potty area ;-)

    2. sorry the link didn't show in the above reply: http://abritofhappiness.blogspot.com/2012/03/from-ground-up.html

  5. Your parents’ house is beautiful. I bet it’s going to be more amazing if you renovate and redo all the painting. I can actually imagine it. I personally love the dining room. It’s warm and cozy. :)

    - Please visit our website

    1. Thanks for stopping by Valerie and taking the time to comment! I really appreciate that :0)

      I can't wait to see the difference myself and I know they are on pins and needles waiting to see the transformation!