January 22, 2013

Contemporary Living Room Reveal Start to Finish!!

Today I want to share with you my second install of the week. I think my favorite type of install is the ones in which I go in and complete an entire room start to finish in one go.  There is something about that type of process that I seem to work really well in. 

Fortunately, I was able to do the complete the transformation of this room in one day with the help of my husband.  Dustin has his own paint business that he started this year.  Fortunately for us, it has really taken off.  Between painting for his jobs and being the painter on most of my jobs, well we are keepin him busy!

My clients wanted a slightly formal living room with a contemporary vibe.  Something that was soothing yet lively.  The colors we were going with needed to give the couple a feeling of relaxation with some playful colors.  Which pretty much describes this family.

We will start backwards and work our way to the beginning, which pretty much describes me!

Here is what I  call a formal/contemporary/casual living room...
I brought the room together using this design board that I created for the clients...

These are the design boards that I create for my online and local clients as the starting point for what direction we choose to go in.

Yummy gorgeous curtains!!  A really pretty steal blue with a caramel colored bottom.  I made sure to measure exactly from floor to sill for where I wanted the caramel color to reach.  Notice how the rod extends further past the window so the curtains don't cover the window and it actually makes it feel much larger.
 A perfect spot to just curl up on the couch.  

Working with the client's budget, I knew we would be able to splurge on a few key pieces and then have to find deals on the rest.  I say splurge where it counts.  Accent pieces are easy to pick up here and there for a bargain.   Put the bulk of your money on bigger items such as furniture.  Since the clients already had the brown couch, I was able to spend a bit more on other items such as the creamy linen club chairs and the fabric. 
Even though the coffee table and side table are different, they still have enough of the same elements to bring them together without having them match exactly.  Both are two toned and both are metal and wood.
One of the two linen club chairs I brought into the room.  More seating for having family and friends over for a visit.

I really like how the touches of white in the room balances out the deeper shades of brown.

Bringing in the shiny based lamps adds another layer to the room.  Without them, the room would feel very flat.  Don't forget to add in at least one other shiny element so that the lamps don't stand on their own.  They need a little company.  I added the shimmery mirror above the unit to connect both pieces.
The glass bowl I found to go on the coffee table.  This is my artsy fartsy way of taking a picture.  I figured all of the amazing photographers take cool close ups, so I better take one too.  One day I will hire a professional photographer to come in and take some real artsy fartsy shots.  For now, I will keep dreamin.

Here is the cabinet that I chose to go under the mirror.  It fits the space really well by filling up this smaller angled wall.
And here are just a few goodies to go in the cabinet to bring more texture to the room.
Now you know what the end result looks like, let's take a look at how we got started yesterday.

When we arrived, all we had to do was remove the existing brown couch while we painted.  So we where left with a complete blank slate.


Once the couch was out of the room, we got to work on painting.  While we were painting I was able to video tape a lot of great techniques and tips that my husband was willing to share.  A sort of painting 101 that I will hopefully be sharing with you in some upcoming posts.

One of the first steps was to sand the walls down just to smooth your surface out before you begin painting.

While Dustin sanded, I got the frog tape and taped off all of the trim work.  We tend to work really well together on projects so I love having him around. 

 After he was done sanding, he got the paint ready.  The color I chose for the walls is Requisite Gray by Sherwin Williams.

 Here is a closer shot of Requisite Gray, which doesn't really look like that once it is dry on the walls.  I'll show you shortly. 

While Dustin was painting the ceiling a flat white, I utilized the client's dining room to bring in all of my décor for the room.

Getting everything together in one room allows me to pick and choose how I want it to go into the room and if I need to add anything or take anything away.  I also do this same add and take away deal when I complete the room. 

Once all the accessories where gathered, I headed back in to assist with the first coat of the paint.
Dustin worked on the top while I took care of the bottom trim.

Extreme close up of Dustin's expert lines ;-)  That's why I stay to the bottom where the frog tape is!

 In comes the rolling of the first coat.
Once you are done with the first coat, let it dry for a bit.  Go grab some lunch and come back and then comes the fun part.  Do the SAME EXACT THING all over again.  Yay!

All done!  It really is a great gray color.  Or greige color!  A bit of beige, a bit of gray and voila.
Once the paint dries, then comes my favorite part, putting the room together...
Bring in the furniture.
 It is easiest to start on one side of the room and then work your way over to the other.  So, first the couch then the end tables.  Just so your not pushing past one item and banging it with another.  I love the detail work on the end tables!
Then bring in your lamps and anything else that will go in this area.  If you have artwork to put in over the couch, I would suggest putting your pillows in last. 
Next put up the curtains, and finish up with the last of the furniture.  Finally, bring in the accessories to finish everything off.
 Here is the end result one more time...
I love getting comments and any feedback, so if you get a chance, let me know what you think!  
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  1. I think its beautiful. I love the wall color. How many swatches or samples did it take to finally choose this color? Grays are hard to choose. But this is gorgeous. Love all the accent pieces and all the pretty blues and greens. Perfect!

    1. Oh wow, thanks Carol Jane! That is so sweet. I actually picked the color and went with it. I usually do some research for my colors online. If I find a swatch I like, I usually put it in to Google to see what it looks like in different rooms in different lighting.

  2. This space has such a warm and cozy feel to it. I love the pops of colors


    Creative Raisins

    1. Hey Lisa, thanks for stopping in. Is it normal to want to sit and rest in a room that you just finished, lol? I really wanted to.

  3. Looks great! Two installs in one week - you're a busy girl! I love the coral looking artwork above the couch. Do you mind sharing where you found it?

    1. It was a lot of fun installing two rooms this week. The artwork pieces are actually white birch branch bowls. I got them on www.zgallery.com and just hung them with a two screws where the wood sits. Then we painted the screw white just on top where you could see the shiny silver part.

  4. I think it looks Fabulous! I love the artwork and how you pulled everything together.

    1. Thanks Marisa! I was definitely ready to get everything in to the room and see how it all worked together.