July 13, 2012

Living Room Inspiration Board!

Hope your week went well, mine was busy but a lot of fun..  I wanted to share with you a design  board that I created for a new clients' living room.  The design for this one was a Simple and Relaxing contemporary living room utilizing their existing couch and adding a lot of new accent furniture and decor in blues and greens.  The blues and greens are right up my alley since those are the colors that I have been decorating with in my own home over the last several months. 

Here is my idea of a relaxed style living room...

Today I got started on purchasing some of the room decor and furniture.  I found one of the two side tables, although mine is just a bit different, so I will spray the metal frame black on the one I found.  I just have to search for its twin.   I also ordered the upholstered chairs and beautiful accent pillows for the couch.  So, I feel like I got quite a bit accomplished today, YAY!  

I also have several DIY's to do on this room!   

There are pillow covers to make for the clients' existing couch cushions to go along with their new cushion covers I purchased today, a piece of artwork that I need to paint, and the verdict is still out on whether or not I will be making the curtains or purchasing them.  I wanted to at least  have 95" height on them and so far, I have searched and all I can find is the 84" in this specific color.  I will keep you posted on the details!   

I am now heading to bed since my kids have had three days of having friends sleep over and I am slightly exhausted ;-)   I hope you guys have some fun and relaxing things planned for your weekend, we are headed to a pool party tomorrow and a birthday party Sunday and I'm even gonna try to sneak in some bowling with my sister and my hubs.  Take care for now!


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