July 12, 2012

The Big Reveal!!!

Ok Ok so I fibbed.  I said I would post about the second part of the Homerama show, but I was able to take the photos of the Master Bedroom that I just completed, so I was way more EXCITED to share it with you!!!  But I promise I will post the second half of the Homerama show soon :) 

The client I worked with was looking for a mix of traditional and contemporary, so
this is the mood board I designed for the room...

Here is the BEFORE...

And here is the AFTER...

 This is the BEFORE view looking at the windows...

    And AFTER!

The one thing I didn't take into consideration when putting up the curtains, since they are the same length as the previous ones, is that these curtains are grommet and the previous curtains were tab curtains.  I forgot that tab curtain gives you a few more inches in length.  So this next week, I will be adding a strip of white or the same purple to the base of the curtains to make them touch the ground.  It's a must for me, lol! 

The lamps where a mix of gray and mercury in color and are somewhat see through.  With a lot of black pieces in the room, I used the white and glass to soften up different areas and bring a bit of a lighter feel.

In this BEFORE picture, you can see that the client has nice high walls, so I wanted to take advantage of that and create a really tall headboard.

A close up of the tufted headboard that my husband and I created.  I even had my sister and her boyfriend assisting with the tufting.  A collaborative effort to say the least, but I love how it turned out!

 Extreme CLOSE UP.

For the pillows, I did three Euro shams across the back, then the pillows to match the bedding, and finally some accent pillows to bring in the colors of the room.

I also purchased a black bench for the room and covered it with a purple and white designer fabric.  DIY to come on this guy!

I was going to add nail heads to the headboard, but since this room was done under a short time constraint, I was not able to order the larger quantity of nail heads, so I purchased a smaller amount at the fabric store and incorporated them on to the bench.

The client had a small lingerie dresser on the wall before.  So this piece was moved into her closet to make room for a larger piece.

I repurposed the tall dresser from the other wall onto this wall and added some accent pieces and a painting.

The dresser was previously brown,  so it got a coat of black paint and black spray on the hardware.  I added a few punches of the purple with the picture and vase and sprayed the brown tray a blue gray color.
I also took a tray that was previously brown and painted it a blue gray.  Now she has a place to hold lotions or perfumes.

This area before was where her tall dresser sat.  She was able to reuse her chaise lounge in another room of the house.   So that freed up space to add her desk and a long dresser that we repainted.

Here is a shot of the dresser all Prettied Up with a few coats of black paint.

And some close ups of the detailed work on the dresser...

I managed to find a pack of purple, blue, and white decorative balls.  (I don't know what else to call them) I think I called them spherical objects in a previous post so let's keep that name rolling, lol!  

Ok, On to the desk area, which is my favorite part of the room, well, that and the headboard, but I think the desk area wins out for me! 

This was the desk area BEFORE...

 How cute is the client's great dane?   He is almost the size of the chaise lounge!

And this is the AFTER...

This is the area where the chaise used to sit.  Now it's a special place for the client to get away and relax!  I repurposed the mirror and turned it into a cork board where the client can pin messages.  Then the chair coat a fresh coat of black paint and a new plush fabric covered seat!

A Close Up of the Pin Board.

 Speaking of pinning, I couldn't leave the desk without adding a few special touches inside the drawer. 


 And some pretty girly pencils and a sand timer to finish off the desk area!

Here is one last peek of the BEFORE...

And AFTER...

So now that I have put you in complete PICTURE OVERLOAD, thanks to my excitement of the room ;)  I will let your eyes rest!  In upcoming posts, I have some DIY projects to share with you from the room and some before and afters of the furniture from what it looked like when we began to the finished product that you see in the room now. 

Also a special thanks to my amazing hubs for painting his butt off on the dressers, desk, and chair!!! He was also hired by the client to paint the room, which really added to the total transformation!  The color I ended up going with was Gray Screen from Sherwin Williams.  

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you liked the makeover :)


  1. WOW! This looks incredible!!! You did such a wonderful job!

  2. Beautiful makeover!! I love all of the colors that you chose. It's such an elegant yet relaxing space! Is your husband a painter by profession? If so, you're one lucky gal :)

    1. Hey Jessica, thanks so much, I was hoping the room would come across that way :) My husband is a firefighter and a painter by profession. He is the hardest worker I know! I am extremely lucky ;)

  3. The space turned out very pretty and it looks cozy!

  4. Everything is gorgeous. Everything looks so beautiful and cozy too. So nice to sleep in this bedroom. :)
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  5. I love this room-you did a wonderful job! Where did you get the lamps?