July 25, 2012


Remember this mood board I did for a client...

Well, the mood board has changed quite a bit and now looks more like this one...

So, what have I been doing?  You guessed it, I've been SHOPPING!!!

I think shopping for a room is so much fun! 

So far, I have purchased the new chairs, which should arrive any day.  I also purchased the wall mirror.  I can't wait for that thing to come in, it's gonna be sooo pretty in the room!  The coffee table has been ordered and I also went ahead and ordered the accent pillows.  All the other bits I purchased are from local stores...


Pretty Mr. Blue Jug.

I really like the silver mercury glass look lately.  I think this one will go really nicely in the room.  There were a few other shapes in the mercury glass that I found, so it may look even better in a grouping with two more in different shapes.

No room redo is complete without a twig ball!  Am I right or am I right ;-)

This guy might just be my favorite piece so far.  I LOVE the height of this side table.  I think it comes in at around 26 in.  Most of the side tables I found where so much shorter than this one and did not have as nice of an impact as this does. 

The rusty green brown look of the metal and the dark beaten table top is a good combination.

Sometimes for accessories, I pick up extras for the room and then return what doesn't feel right.  I don't know, I would rather have options on install day rather than having to say "Huh, you'll have to do."  So, you may see some items in my posts that don't make it into the final cut. 

I have an infatuation with all things artichoke.  Isn't that what you guessed I was going to say, he he!  I don't know what it is about artichokes, but I love em!!!   This candle isn't sticking around, just the color of the candle.  I need to pick up a larger diameter one.     . 

So cute! 

Bringing the metal feel from the side tables in to the room with a nice tray.

Some nice tin Citron colored, I know, I went there.  Citron right?   Ok, I should probably stick with  yellow-green colored boxes, to possibly go on the base of the console table.

And the start of some pillow matching.  I like the blue lumbar pillows to go with the white club chairs.  The patterned will come in with the pillows I ordered.  The light green pillows will be a back drop to these pillows that will accent the brown couch nicely...


Did I mention I liked silver mercury glass?  No, ok, well I do, lol!  The flat dented look of these are so cool! 


A shiny brown alligator tote.  Might  be used as a magazine holder.

I love sharing the whole process with you guys, from the inspiration board to the purchasing and finishing up with the reveal!  Thanks for stopping in and following along on the blog :-)


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