July 02, 2012

In the Midst of Projects!!!

Well, I have been missing in action this past week, but for a good reason!  :) 

I have been finding all sorts of great things to go in the room that I am creating for one of my clients.  

I did take a day off yesterday to go to Homerama 2012.  It was so stinkin' hot we just all walked around sporting some beautiful sweat mustaches!

I found some really cool ideas there and took quite a few pics that I will share with you in an upcoming post this week.

So for now, let's see what's been happening at our house.  So far, I have pretty much picked up everything that I needed to complete the client's Master Bedroom. 

The long antique dresser (It will get painted black and the hardware spray painted)

The tall dresser (which will also be painted black)

And this desk so that the client can have a peaceful space to work.  The desk will be painted white to offset all of the black furniture in the room!

Oh yes, and a chair that needs some attention!

I really like the detail work on the back.

So with a little paint job, and new padding and material, it will be good as new!

So what does this mean?

It means that I can start the DIY part of the projects. 

My List
1.  Cover the bench and add nailhead trim

2. Sand all the furniture to be painted

3. Prime and Paint furniture

4. Make Headboard and cover in fabric

5. Paint and recover desk chair

6. Paint Hardware

7. Paint an Abstract Painting for the wall

8. Spray paint some accessories to match decor

The day before yesterday we sanded all of the furniture...

And Cleaned it...

Then we took apart the desk chair in order to paint and recover it.

I also tried out some different silvers on the hardware.

The top color is metalic silver (more muted looking in this picture, because in person it is extremely silver.   The second row is brushed nickel (which actually looks more champagne, and then finally a stainless steel o the bottom left.  I am not completely satisfied yet, so I may combine two to get the look I want. 

So, I am off now to prime and paint the furniture and since I am a lucky girl, my hubs is going to help me!!!

This is the type of paint and primer I picked up for the furniture... 

This stuff is suppossed to be great on furniture so that things don't stick to the top once the paint has dried.  I will let you know how it goes :)

 This is for the desk. Enamel paints are great to work with on furniture because it gives that smooth hardened finish. I got a quart of this since I only need it for one piece of furniture.

And then this is the black paint for the furniture.  I got a gallon to cover everything! 

Hopefully we will get everything primed and painted today and I will have the before and after to show you in my next post!!!


  1. I actually shed a tear! The long dresser has beautiful wood and you are painting it black! My dad would consider that a criminal offense :) That is alot of work. Excited to see the finished product.

  2. Love this post! I have a huge antique vanity (it is over 100 years old) that I am going to paint black with white accents, and I recently acquired a small table that someone was throwing out that I would like to paint. It's wooden, but is a horrendous color, and I was thinking about painting it either black or tiffany blue!