May 14, 2012

Pops of Green

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday!   I woke up to some really cute polka dotted rain boots from my hubby and some really awesome handmade bracelets from my kiddos!  I had lunch with my mom and sis in the afternoon and was able to kick back and relax in the evening.  It was a great Mother's Day!!!

When I kicked back last night, I started to think about how I will continue to incorporate the color green into each room on the first floor.  Some rooms like the dining room will just have accent pieces and other rooms like my office, will hopefully have a gorgeous green accent wall! 

I figure since all of the rooms flow into each other, that they need some sort of unification (my big word for the day).  I think that adding a color, such as green will help the whole first floor flow together. 
So, I went searching for some ideas, and I found some WONDERFUL rooms...

Nowell - Hooper's Room 1
Looking at this room, makes me realize the importance of color!!  By adding throw blankets and a pouf in a bright green accent, the room is completely transformed!

Suzie: HGTV - Green Home - ivory & green kitchen design with green cushions on black counter ...
I have pulled together lots of ideas for bringing in green with different types of dishware and counter storage, but I really like the idea of adding green cushions to bar stools to bring in color.

I thought this picture had such peaceful and inviting feel.  The gray and green are a nice mix together.

When I saw the 2012 HGTV Green Home, I fell in love with the kids bunk room!   I mean come on, check out those beds, AMAZING!!  There's that little touch of green again,  NICE!  And I can't move on without mentioning the cutest bulldog picture ever!!!  So sweet.

This picture reminds me of the entry way to my office.  For our office, I want to build the wall in and do a double sliding barn door across the entrance and then paint the back wall a similar shade of green like this photo and add built ins and a desk area on the wall.  I want to do something similar to below...

Pinned Image
 I think this whole color combo would work great in the office.  I am hoping to design a mood board for the room around these colors.  It's unbelievable the difference it makes by painting the back of book cases. I have been in limbo deciding on wether or not to paint the built ins in the family room, but after seeing this photo, I think I'm ready :-)


  1. If anyone is looking for the artist that did the adorable David Ryden bulldog painting, you can find him on!

  2. Thanks for the source Angela. It is an amazing painting!

  3. Thanks for the source Angela. It is an amazing painting!