May 09, 2012

Blue and Orange Color COMBO

As of last year, I had pulled the turquoise and orange color scheme for the basement.  Although I haven't had the chance to work on the basement yet, I have continued to see the blue/orange trend strengthen and for good reason. 

The color combination brings such an impact to a room and using different shades of blue and orange means you can take a room in different directions. 

Here is one of the many color palettes for blues and oranges...
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If you are using the shades in a bold way, you can have a room like this one I saw on House of Turquoise.

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Gorgeous!  AND the walls are WHITE, but the walls don't appear to be cold and bland.  Since there is plenty of bold colors in all of the room accessories,  it adds a ton of color which makes the walls a crisp and fresh backdrop. 

Taking the turquoise to a Navy blue, bring on a Nautical feel.  Notice how their are different shades of orange from the chairs to the pillows and lamps.  They don't compete with each other, just a nice blend throughout.

This is such a graphic statement.  The Chevron rug is beautiful.  I know chevron is everywhere in the design world right now, but I think I gravitate to this particular chevron rug simply because the graphic is done on a larger scale.  Again, very clean looking!  AND if you have a bunch of boxes laying around, grab em' and then find yourself a can of orange spray paint.  Extremely cheap for such a great look!

In this nursery, their is a complete mix of blue shades.  From the light turquoise lamp and curtains, to the turquoise baskets for toys, and finally to the deep blue color of the whales on the pillows.  Everything flows so nicely together and it is such a peaceful environment.

I can say by far, this nursery is one of my all time favorite rooms.  I have had this picture saved for quite a long time.  One for the colors, but two, for the playfulness of it all.  My decorating style is very much bright pops of color with playful twists, like the shovels in this pick.  I love the contrast of the dark browns against the white, blue, and orange. 

Please forgive me for the lack of links.sourcing for the next 8 pictures.  I have had them in a file for over a year for my basement plans.

 I love the feel of this room!!  I think it would flow nicely with the rest of the house, but it would add a nice added punch of color to the basement.

 A gorgeous batch of fabrics that would be great for pillows!

Here is a perfect Mood Board that is everything I had in mind for the space.

I just want to dive bomb that lounger, throw on the blanket, and snooze! 

 I thought these pictures of coral in frames would be a great addition to the room.  It would be so easy to print up some coral pictures in turqouise and mat with an orange piece of cardstock.  You could pick up some very similar frames at Ikea.

 I think if I could duplicate this room, I would be in heaven.  There is so much I love about it.  My favorite thing in the room is the material covered art pieces for the wall.  I don't remember the name of this fabric, but I just pulled the exact fabric in a chartreuse green outline as an idea for the office.  I guess I didn't realize how much I loved the fabric a year ago.  You could actually paint your own version of these on some drop cloths stretched over and stapled to 2 x 4 wood frames. 

This room would be so cool for a teenage boy.  It is amazing that painting a geometric shape behind the sword fish creates such a substantial backdrop without having to build a frame out.  A budget friendly option.

And the Blue and Orange Color Scheme does not stop there.  Many brides are picking up on the powerful impact that this dynamic duo can have on their BIG event.


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Again, here you see a Mood Board for a wedding with the Blue/Orange combination and this bride has pulled various shades of orange and blue/turquoise.  Adding more than one shade of the same color can give you a layered look.

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Same for this bride.  I love the pumpkin roll bringing a light shade of orange against the white cream cheese filling, but I think most of all, I love, love the tie.  It is the entire color palette for the wedding and on that one little piece of material, you can get the vision for the entire wedding.  Isn't it funny that one piece of fabric can do all that?

There are quite a few other color combinations that are taking shape as contenders for this year's fashion in decor and clothing design, but I couldn't pass up sharing the BLUE and ORANGE combo.  It was just too much fun!!

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