February 21, 2012

Radio Flyer Revamp

      My dad loves to take my niece to the park near their house, but she tends to fall asleep in the swings and he has to carry her back home.  It's a good distance to walk there and back and if you have ever held a SLEEPING 1 1/2 year old in your arms while walking, well you know what I'm talkin' about. Oh and if you're asking, "What's wrong with a stroller."  Well, let's just say that my niece and strollers are not very close friends.  She does love a good wagon pull!

       So, my mom had asked if she could have our Radio Flyer wagon so that my dad could take her back and forth to the park.  Since my kids are 8 and 10, I know they don't need it, but apparently no one else needed it either. Since this is what I saw when I went looking for it...

     My daughter and I came up with a plan. We would Revamp this wagon into something my niece would enjoy!  We took everything apart.  I sanded all the wood pieces down.   

Then we went to the store and purchased some white and pink spray paint, a piece of foam and a piece of material.  We decided that if my niece was going to be bumping along in a wagon then, she would need a little padding for the tush!  So we cut a piece of foam to fit the wagon and hot glued the material over it.  In the end, this is what the wagon looked like...

This is a shot of the material and padding inside the wagon.

My mom said that my dad and niece are much happier on their trips to the park now!  Awesome!


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