February 23, 2012

Family Room Progress: Part 1

      Since we moved in to our new home a little over a year ago, we haven't been able to purchase a lot of the much needed accessories that really complete a house.   You know, everything from lamps to wall decor.  In my opinion, this is the stuff that makes a house a home!  I have saved picture after picture and created a mood board/design board of my ideas in the hopes that I could give this room a beach coastal feel.  I have a long list of things to finish in each room of the house, but I thought today I would get started on the family room.  Here is a pic of the living room at Christmas time.  I just had some Christmas themed things on the shelf, so since that stuff came down, it's been a bit bare.

      So I went SHOPPIN'.  I had sooo much fun shopping with my children today. Cue the sarcasm! I know, don't ask me what I was thinking.  When we got to the store, one of my kids wanted Another Lego set and the other wanted Another pillow pet.  You know since one of the other 2 or 3 pillow pets that she owns just weren't living up to her standards.  Fortunately, I managed to coral them away from the toy section and over to the home section without too much of a fuss.  Once they realized that we were getting some new things for the house, they quickly became my assistants, Handing me their opinions left and right of what they liked and disliked.  Ahh, good times!
      We hit up my favorite stores, Target, TJMaxx, and Marshalls and we came across some great finds!!!

 I purchased some new lamps...

 Some decorative throw pillows for the couch...

     Some water hyacinth baskets for all of my cubbies...

     But I think our favorite find of the day, was a  hand carved bamboo whale that goes by the name of Nora.  She's great, but seems a little lonely up on the shelf, so tomorrow I will head back to TJMaxx, ALONE, in search of her long lost family member.

      I will keep you posted on my finds and progress as this room develops into what I hope is a Relaxing Beachy environment.


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