February 26, 2012

Cookies and Milk Party

Well, before I got into loving interior design, I was into design of another kind. I have always seen design in different things. So, when I had my kids, my love of design went into throwing their birthday parties. It was my son's second birthday when I realized how fun it was to decorate cakes to match the theme of their party.
Today I would like to share with you my niece's first birthday party.

The theme for her birthday was Cookies and Milk.

Here is the birthday girl!

           Isn't she so sweet!

A shot of the dessert table.  We dipped glasses in chocolate sprinkles for an extra yummy treat and covered some Styrofoam boxes in pink wrapping paper to put under the cookies.

Here are some of the fun treats up close...

 I took some Starbucks bottles, peeled off the labels, and added a little cookie and
and milk sticker that I printed up.  I purchased the pink and white paper straws from www.littlelulu.com.

 My sister picked up these Carafe's at Walmart for just a couple of dollars each.  I just designed some simple tags for the front of the bottle and attached them onto some ribbon.

 For the chocolate chip cookies, I took a circle cutter  to cut out the circles and then cut the bite mark with a scalloped round cutter.  The icing on top is two different colors of royal icing.

 One thing I like to do if I don't have an actual cookie cutter shape, like these milk bottle cookies, is to print up the picture online and cut out the design.  Then I just use an Exacto knife and cut around the paper while it is on top of the rolled out cookie dough.  If you want to keep the template, then you can just place it in clear contact paper and cut around it a second time.

Some Big # 1's

This is the cake I did for my niece.  I iced it in pink buttercream and molded the small cookies, milk bottle, and other cake pieces out of fondant.  The big cookie was a rounded rice krispy treat covered in fondant.

For the party favors, my mum and sister made all sorts of yummy cookies.  I always collect different jars from TJMaxx and Ross.  So we utilized them here.  The kids thought it was great because they could fill their goody bags with all sorts of cookies.

 Every one needs a smash me cake. Yum Yum! 
I took a 6 inch round cake and carved it down to look like a chocolate chip cookie.  Then I just put some light brown colored buttercream on it and slapped a few of the brown fondant dots around and called it done. 

A few final decorations...

Tissue paper pom poms were hung around the room.

And that was the end of a happy birthday for my niece!


  1. OMG! Why hadnt you started a blog earlier? You are so talented! Im 25 and I want this same spread for MY birthday party!!

    1. Thanks so much! I had never thought about starting a blog until just recently, but it has been an awesome experience so far! I think you should have a milk and cookies bday. That would be awesome!!!

  2. Hi. I am having a cookies & milk themed party for my daughter in June. I am TRYING to work on making invitations now. I love the image that you printed into stickers/labels for your milk bottles. Would you be willing to share that label/sticker image with me???

    1. Hi Laura, if you send me your email address, I can send you the file, thanks :)

  3. Oh boy, wish I had checked back sooner. My party is scheduled for June 27th, that is this saturday. I will pray that you get this post in the next 24 hrs & I will watch my email for an email from you. Please feel free to email me at Markies.Mom1@yahoo.com

    Our party is kind of a combination of Cookies & Milk & Summer Theme. We are doing cookies & milk + games + cake & icecream of course. My decorations however, include a lot of flip flop/beach ball stuff in regards to the summer. The cookies & milk are for my daughter, a SMART COOKIE, who actually turned 6 on July 3rd, graduated from Kindergarten this year & will be going on to 1st grade. Hoping I can pull off a fun/cute party. Praying for good weather so the kids can do some fun games out side like having a race of filling buckets with water via sponges. Thanks for your help. I would love to be able to print out cookie/milk stickers to put on the glass bottles like you did. Thanks again! Laura