February 24, 2012

Daughter's Parisian Room

     Today I wanted to share with you my daughter's bedroom makeover...

     Since my daughter is 8 years old, I wanted to give her something fun and funky, but I also wanted her room to transition with her as she grows up.  She loves fashion and design, (a girl after my own heart) so I knew I had to incorporate that somehow into the design.  When I showed her some ideas for a new bedroom theme, she really gravitated towards the colors and design of the Parisian style room I created!
      I don't have any before pics, but it was just an ugly blank cream slate until we got ahold of it.  My husband did the horizontal stripes for me, cause he is Awesome like that!  So, here is the finished product...

 Here is the shot of the room from the doorway.  It was a little hard to get the entire room in one shot since her room angles at the door.  The turquoise color is Belize by Sherwin Williams. 

Every girl needs a few model shots.  I got these pictures at Home Goods.  I just really like the sketched look of this artwork!

I wanted to give her a place in her room to do homework or draw, so I put together this desk area.  The desk and pink desk lamp are from Target.  The photobooks on her desk are from TJMaxx.  She loves having them there to look at all of the pictures she collects. 

This chair came with a really old desk at a yard sale and was in very poor shape!  It was a darker brown wood with some sort of 80's dingy fabric.  So I painted it white, padded the chair out and covered it with a piece of polka dot material that I purchased from fabric.com.  I added the piece of material on the top of the chair by hotgluing a piece of fabric around the chair.  Then I trimmed it out with some green ribbon using non other than my trusty hot glue gun. 

The shelves are from Ikea.  They were originally the light brown wood color that Ikea sells, but we needed to match the room, so we sanded them down a bit and sprayed them black.  The accessories on the shelves all came from TJMaxx.  The Dream sign was originally a weird blue color, so I sprayed it a deeper shade of green.

The lamp and jewelry holder are from TJMaxx.  I bought two of these lamps.  It's buddy is in my son's room. To add a bit of color to my daughter's lamp, I took the base, which was originally black, and painted it the same deep green color that I painted the Dream sign with.  
 I purchased the pedestal table at Target (the table is seen better in the whole room photo).  It was on clearance from $79 to $19 (since it was pretty banged up), so I used a black permanent marker on a few spots and the for the rest of the touch ups, I used a sponge brush and painted it black.   Good as new!

Here are some other accent areas...

I just took a mannequin stand, sprayed it black, and added a pink piece of material for the sash around the waist.

This is possibly my favorite part of the room!  I ordered this wall decal online from Etsy.com from a shop called Vinyl Lettering.  They were amazing with assisting me in getting the right size and look for the room!  I wanted something that screamed "PARIS" when you looked in the room, so I think this did the trick, he he, get it!

 These are hat boxes and a plant pot I got from Ross Dept. Store.  The great thing about this is that it adds extra storage and looks pretty all at the same time!  To add some detail, I hot glued some black and white polka dot ribbon around the tops of the hat boxes and then a smaller polka dot ribbon on the pot.  I added some moss I got from Michael's to the pot. I found some twigs in my woods out back, sprayed them white, and added them to the plant pot.

An accent lamp that my M.I.L. gave me.  It went Perfect with the room.

This is a picture of the inside of her cabinet.  You can see the outside of the cabinet in a later shot.  The cabinet is from Target as well as the pink bins.  All other accessories are from TJMaxx.  I wanted my daughter's room to stay organized, so on the top shelf, I put all of her earings and jewelry in one spot.  For her bedtime reading, she can just grab a book from her middle shelf and put it back without the books falling all over the place.  I wanted her to be able to reach her socks and undies, so I put her bins on the bottom shelf to keep things clean, yet still allow her to access them.

To organize the tubs, I just cut a piece of cardboard box into squares and painted them with chalkboard paint.  Then I wrote on them with a white chalkboard pen, poked a hole in the top, and attached them to the storage tubs with a piece of green ribbon.  Ta DA

To me, this kinda says "Having Fun in Paris."  The girl shopping and the Eiffel tower were from TJMaxx. Can you tell that I LOVE that place!  The stack of suitcases came from Land of Nod.  Even the stack of suitcases are for storage.  She keeps trinkets and other bits and bobs in them that she doesn't need to get to on a regular basis.

Here is a picture of the dresser unit that I purchased at Target.  It is a matching set with the desk.

Into the Closet We Go...

To keep her winter things out of the way and seperate from her summer stuff, I purchased two bins from Walmart, painted a square of chalkboard paint and then labeled them "Winter Clothes."

I wanted my daughter to be able to find clothing items easily and put them away where they go.  I know, that's asking a lot, lol.  So, I purchased this tub drawer set (that's the tecnical term for it) at Walmart.  Like the Winter storage tubs, I painted some more chalkboard squares and labeled them accordingly.

This was a more recent addition to the closet.  I added it after the first pic was taken.  I was so frustrated trying to find hair clip and headbands, so I made this hair organizer for her door. 

 I don't have any "how to" pics since I didn't know I was starting a blog when I did this project ;). 

But here's a few directions: 
To make it, I covered a canvas in black material.  I took my heavy duty staple gun and attached a piece of black material to the canvas, stapling on the back side.  Then , I adhered the  ribbons; 3 blue and 2 pink. I stapled the ribbon over the back also.  To add the headband holders, I measured three pieces of ribbon, put each into a loop shape and stapled each of them on the side of the canvas.  Once you hang the organizer up, you can't see the staples for the headband area. 

Here is a shot of her bed in all its glory!  The bedding is from Target.  The bed skirt is just a piece of leftover material I had leftover(same material I used on the chair).  The headboard is tufted, although it is hard to see in the pic.  The headboard is from JCPenney's. They have it in turquoise and I think white too. 

 All the pillows are from Target except the zebra print one, which is from Walmart.

  I hope you enjoyed your mini trip to Paris!

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  1. This is GORGEOUS! My daughters would love it, and it is perfect to transition into teenage-dom! The Paris/Fashion vibe is great and I love the aqua color! Nice job!

  2. This is adorable! I LOVE the striped wall...it's perfect! I'm your newest follower from the A to Z party.

  3. oh my gosh, i LOVE the color combo. so fresh and vibrant! that lamp is perfect with those black accents, or did you paint those on there? i bet your daughter loves this room now!

    1. you are too sweet :) I painted the base of the lamp green since it was originally black and the lamp shade came with it! My daughter seems to like it so far, minus the fact that for the first few weeks she thought the models on the walls looked a little like zombies at night, he he! She loves them now :)

  4. Stopping by from the House of Hepworths linky party...this is a beautiful room!! My stepdaughter's room is this color, and now I so want to add some stripes! Great job!

    I'm a new GFC follower:)

    Barbara @ Chase the Star

    1. Thank you Barbara! It's definitely a fun color to use :) Thanks for following, I really appreciate it!

  5. I truly love what you have done! It is beautiful what a lucky girl to grow up in that room! Thanks so much for sharing
    I picked belize paint for our walls going for a beachy theme but we are stuck picking a carpet. So thank goodness I looked at your site because I love the one you have. Do you remember by chance the brand and color?

    1. Thanks Tiffany! For the carpet are you speaking of the pink rug or the actual carpet in our home? The pink rug is from TJMaxx. I don't know the name of the carpet color, but the type of carpet is a short frieze.

  6. Hi!
    The room looks beautiful. Do you mind sharing the paint color you used for the walls? I'm in search of a Parisian themed color such as the Tiffany blue.
    Thank you

    1. Thanks so much Angela. The paint color is Belize by Sherwin Williams