November 05, 2012

Halloween Decorating Recap Part 1!

If you are anything like me, when a holiday is over, I am ready to move on to the next one!   Well, I don't really do fall decorations since we go all out on Halloween.  So, before I jump into Christmas ideas for decorating in the weeks to come, I thought I would share a recap of what we did for Halloween!!
Here is the left side of the built-ins.  The only thing missing from this picture is the dead flowers that I hadn't yet put in the green slimy water when I took this picture.  I waited closer to our Halloween party to put the flowers in.  To get the green sludge color,  I just dyed some water with a little yellow and brown food coloring. 
 Moss and eyeballs are a cheap and easy way to bring the "CREEPY" factor into your home.  I also found some Halloween portraits online to finish it off.
Guarding the TV
Our pretty lady!
The right side of the built-ins
 Up Close and Personal
 A little black netting across the family photos
A little bit of bathroom fear is always good, right?  Not pictured is a rat caught in a trap on the floor.  My friend did not use this restroom for at least two weeks when she would come to visit, which means I did my job, lol!
My Spider Tree
I purchased a bag of sticky eyeballs and a few bags of plastic spiders from Target and then stopped in at the dollar store for the moss.  My son went into the woods behind our house and got the large branches to stick in the vase. 
I really love it when decorations are cheap, but they still make a big impact!
If you look closely in this picture, you can see the clear jewelry cording I used to tie around the branches to hang the spiders.   Then I just went to town with my hot glue gun sticking the spiders to the branches!
This is my favorite lady we have around the house during Halloween!  I always have the eerie feeling that she is watching me.  I'm right aren't I?  She is watching me!!!
 And of course, no Halloween is complete with out a vampire welcoming you in.
Check back in for Part 2: The Halloween Party...


  1. What fun decorations!! Love the skeletons by the tv!

  2. that tree is creepy on so many levels!

  3. Thanks! The tree creeped my out the whole time I was working on it, lol.