November 16, 2012

Awesome Holiday Crafts for Cheap!

This year the budget for Christmas decorations is, well, almost a nice big Zero.   So I am going to do some of my own homemade crafts that I think will add some fun to our Holiday without really breaking the bank.  Let me show you what I have in mind...
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I love the option of creating a large holiday item that has an impact on your room but not on your wallet!  I am thinking of creating two of these maybe for by the fire place.  I already have some boxes, a scarf, the black card stock and possibly the orange card stock.  I may be able to take some wrapping paper and use the lighter side or if not, all I would need to pick up is some white paper.  And I will have some fun snowmen for really cheap. 
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 These are great too!  If you are a crafter like me, then you probably have a bunch of Popsicle sticks laying around.  If not, they are a very inexpensive item to pick up at the dollar store. 
What I really love about the last two crafts is that my kids can actually help make them.  So we can turn it into some family time!
 The idea to do some of my own Christmas Crafts came when I went to Target.  Ok, Ok, yes I went to Target AGAIN.  It's an addiction and we are having me checked out for it ;-) 
While I was there, I found all sorts of goodies that I thought hmm, "I can so make those at home for a fraction of the cost.". 

Here's what I found...
 A beautiful white nutcracker for $20.  Not bad at all, but since I have a few old nutcrackers already, and spare spray paint, I think I can do this for FREE! 
I love this branch Wreath for the Front Door.  Sort of Frosty and Silver.   
But with a price tag of $45, ouch!   For this project, I am going to need a little bag of glisteny (we are going with that word) snow, a bag of mini pine cones, some grayish silver spray paint, and some twigs and branches.  I think I can make this guy for pretty cheap! 
If I get the stuff to make the wreath above, I can easily make a few of these with the left over items.  Ok kids, OUT TO THE WOODS FOR SOME BRANCHES!  What, you know you would send your kids too, lol! 
I also can't get enough of these sweater cones!!!
 I know these are a definite on my to do list.  I think these can be made for cheap out of a Styrofoam cone or heavy card stock for the cone shape and some thrift store sweaters or old sweaters you may have lying around.  I don't know if the dollar store sells the Styrofoam cones, but I bet Walmart does or you can even get them for cheap with a coupon for Michael's or Joanne Fabric.  Another quick and easy project!
So if I were to purchase all of these items from Target, I would be up to about $140 bucks or so.  I hope to be able to create them for a very small cost and I will be back with up coming posts to show you how to do that. 

Don't worry, I haven't forgot about Thanksgiving, I will be chowing down on Turkey next week at my mum's, but I have my eye fixed on Christmas. 
 For example, I have been recording Lifetime Christmas movies and last night I put on one called Dear Santa.  It was so bad that my husband got up from the couch and cleaned the entire kitchen.  See, I have Christmas plans ;-)


  1. The snowman is adorable. I love this time of year.

  2. I've got to remember to do that when I dont feel like cleaning up the kitchen :)

  3. I know! Wherever there is a tv in a room and a bad Christmas movie should work right ;)

  4. I love how the popsicle stick snowflakes turned out, it seems like that would be a fun project. The snowman is really cute, too!