November 14, 2012

Even MORE Target Inspiration & A Painting Update

Target you're killin' me!!!    I was only supposed to stop in at Target yesterday to get a few artist brushes for a paint job that my husband was doing, but I went to the holiday section and found so many cute pillows!   I thought I should share to help get you in the spirit ;-)
Starting with this guy!  I have always had a severe obsession with penguins.  So much in fact that as a teenager, for every birthday, I got some sort of penguin.  I still have not gotten over them, all though my owl obsession is starting to take over.
 I love him!  The colors are a different change to the deep red and green of the holidays.  His smile is so sweet!
 I am always a sucker for buttons on pillows.  This one has different textures from the material on the word Merry to the buttons and I like the muted colors in the word Christmas.
 A very modern feel to a snowflake pillow.  The stitching on the snowflakes adds a neat touch.
 Felt pillows have never looked so cool and contemporary!
I love the blues and grays in this one with a hint of green.  I tend to find that I am more drawn to the red and green of the holidays when they are separate from each other with a mix of new colors. 

Again, I was supposed to be ONLY looking for some small artist brushes for a paint job my husband was working on, but I couldn't help myself.  And hey, I should be patting myself on the back, do you know how many rows of Christmas home decor and decorations they have that I didn't stop to take pictures of.  I know, my husband should be thanking me for staying mostly on track, lol!
And here is a little look at the painting we are doing for the interior decorating job I am working on this week...
 It was a little hard capturing the exact color with my cell phone, so I will take better ones today.   The color is Sherwin Williams Languid Blue.



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  1. Those pillows are adorable, I haven't seen them at my Target...that's sorta a good thing! I go to Target once a week to stock up on things I need and end up finding a ton of things I want! Ha! I think I should buy stock in the company, I sure shop there enough!