June 24, 2012

I've Been Shopping...

Did you guys have a nice weekend?  Ours was GREAT!  

 Friday, I had some down time relaxing with the kids and I met with my client, did the measuring, and went over the plans for her Master Bedroom.  Saturday,  consisted of a really fun trip to HomeGoods!  I know, I know, I always go to HomeGoods, but, it's AWESOME!!! :)  
I stole my mum for the day!  We got LOST, we had a rock CRACK the window of her truck, but have no fear, we stayed strong and kept our eyes on the decor ;-)

At HomeGoods, I found the curtains I wanted.   I needed 8 panels so we tossed these bad boys in the cart...

I would have liked them to have a silver grommet, but beggars can't be choosers.  In all the stores we went to, these where the only purple curtains I found and this deal was to good to pass up.  I may paint them with a little matte silver.  Decisions... Decisions...

Hello Beautiful!  What can I say about these pillows, well, I think they make the room!!  You know what I'm sayin' right?

We also found this hour glass for her desk area...

And this Corbel...

A little white spray paint and this guy will be good as new!

Here is the Design Board...

The mirror is to the left and the ceramic dish and vase, although small in this picture, are to the right on the dresser. 
Here is the ceramic dish I found...


And the lovely mirror...

And the purple and white swirled vases...

I was thrilled!!!  I use that word a lot, but I really was :)

After I dropped off my mum, I headed home with my goodies in tow, but my day did not end there. 

Wait, where are my kids you ask?  Well...

Since it is now summer time, we get to spend more time with the grandparents than when the kids are in school and always on the go.  Sooooo, since my mother in law took my kiddos for the night, I went all WILD and CRAZY and hit up our local TJMaxx with my friend! I came across this cute little pencil or pen holder for my client's desk. Why I get so excited when things spin, I will never know, but YAY, it spins!!!

And then I found a great comforter set...

 So, this morning before I picked up the kiddos, I headed to the TJMaxx by my mother in law's house and I found some night stands that I thought would go great in the room!

Has this ever happened to you, You are in a store and you eye something, let's just say a night stand for example.  Then you say to your husband, these would work great in the room if I could just find another one.  As you spot the matching table, you see a woman is eyeing the other table, but she has not claimed it yet, so you swoop in and grab it and say proudly to your husband, "Oh hear is the other one that matches it."  Like these tables where twins and you can't get one without the other.  NO, THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO YOU?  Me either ;-) 

Then I just made him pretty much guard them, you know, like a "TJMaxx bouncer" while I went browsing for anything else and as I came to the end of every isle, I would look over at him, make sure the tables where there, and nod and he would nod back.  Why talk, when a nod says it all? 

Here are the night stands ...

Although they are a different shape than the ones in the design board, they will do the trick!

In my post tomorrow, I will be sharing the grays that I am debating on for the wall color in their Master Bedroom.  Do you have a go to gray that you love? 

Oh, and a bit of really GREAT news, today I took on another client who would like three rooms done in her house!  Sooo excited! 


  1. I love seeing it all come together! I want to repaint my entire main floor gray, so I am curious to see your choices. Sounds like a fun weekend!

    1. I love the idea of painting your floors gray, that would be really neat!!!

  2. Hi... if you don't mind, could you shoot us the prices of your finds at the various stores? I will have to travel a bit to get there, but, I am liking Home Goods when I see all these goodies!

    Thanks, Mary

    1. Thanks for commenting Mary, I would love to share the pricing, but since it is for a client, I am only able to share the goodies :( I don't know if you have been to homegoods before, but it is TJMaxx's home section in one big store. I could spend forever in there :)

  3. Those pillows are amazing. I love the color and the lacy design. I've also nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can find out more about it here: http://thequantumview.blogspot.com/2012/06/liebster-award.html