June 21, 2012

Go For Launch!!!

Good morning or maybe good early afternoon!   I couldn't contain my excitement any longer so I decided to jump on the blog and share a bit of news with you.  This morning I got an email back from the client that I did this mood board for...

And she has given me the go ahead to recreate this room for her!  Ahhh!  I am thrilled :)   The other exciting part is that I will be recreating this room on a low budget, so that means some DIY projects.  Which if you know me, you know that this type of thing is right up my ALLEY!  I will be doing DIY artwork, a DIY headboard, and purchasing some thrift items such as the dresser and possibly the benches and giving them a makeover.  The cool part is that I will have lots of new things to blog about with you guys as I transform this Master Bedroom.   It should be a lot of fun!!!


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