April 26, 2012

Sweet Shop Birthday Party

Happy Thursday Everyone! Yesterday I shared my son's Camp out Birthday Party from his party last year and so today I thought I'd keep the party rolling and share my daughter's Sweet Treats Birthday Party. 

She is my kind of girl!  Let's plan an entire party around CANDY!!!

Lacey's Sweet Shop
  I bought the pink scalloped cardboard containers from Walmart for about $2 for eight. Then I made up some Sweet Treats Labels and printed them on sticky backed paper and attached them to the containers. I try to buy my candy for events online at places like Amazon and Candy Warehouse. Amazon sells most of their candy in 5 Ib. bulk bags for very cheap. I got the lollipops from Walmart for 50 cents ea. on clearance.

 For the dessert table, we did pink sprinkled cupcakes, cotton candy cones, and Oreo truffle pops.  To make the cones, I wrapped white card stock in the cone shape and taped them.  Then I used my circle punch  and cut out green circles of card stock, drew a black cursive L for Lacey on them and attached them to the cone.  I always use Styrofoam blocks to add height to a table.  Sometimes I just put them under the cloth to lift up trays and other times, I will cover them in wrapping paper and use them for various desserts.  To hold the cones up, I stuck lollipop sticks into the Styrofoam and just slid the cones onto the lollipop stick.

I was able to find a lot of sweet bags for presents at the dollar store.  We threw some wrapped candies on top of the built ins for good measure.

These were another take home treat, but these included non edible treats, like Ice Cream cone lip gloss and nail polish and other bath goodies.  We also did some very simple cupcakes since we had a dessert table that the girls could pick and choose from.

My most favorite thing was the wrapped pieces of candy hanging over the table!  I covered some paper lanterns that I already had with clear cellophane (The kind that you would wrap gift baskets in).  Then I took ribbon and tied of each end and hung them from the lights.  Or they could be little girls with pigtails. 

I think this picture says it all! 

The birthday girl in her element!  Ahh, what I wouldn't do to be a kid again :)


  1. How fun is that. I love the wrapped pieces of Candy hanging over the table, very cool.

    1. Thanks Lisa. You always leave the sweetest comments :)

  2. I love the photo of the birthday girl. She is delighted with her party and it shows from the tip of her cute little head, to her tiny toes. My oldest granddaughter called me on the photo to tell me her front bottom tooth came out. She was so excited, because she was the only kid in her kindergarten class that still had all her baby teeth. I love photos of children with their cute little toothless smiles. Beautiful Party!!! Have a great weekend, Connie :)

  3. I love seeing the front teeth missing too. They make for the best pictures. Thank you for the comment on the party too :)