April 18, 2012

Everything Vintage!

How lucky am I to have such unique shops in my area?  Well I have mentioned in previous posts as to how much I luuuve the shop Everything Vintage. Co.  in Toano, Va.  Talk about Unique finds, they've got them.  There is even a room dedicated to Vintage Clothing with gorgeous dresses, pretty coats, and wonderful vintage accessories!  Not to mention the little storage area for all sorts of fantastic barn wood!

The great thing about the wonderful couple who owns the store is that they really enjoy what they are doing and it shows.  You just get a special feeling when you walk through their shop and chat with them about their different finds.  I really like that they take requests for things you would like them to search for on their adventures.  Last time I was in, I was able to request two old paneled windows for a future project.  I am not getting paid to talk about them, I just wanted to share where I find my awesome vintage items.

Last time I was there, this is what I saw...

Look at how pretty their sign is.

 I was able to purchase a few of their tin letters and numbers for a future project that I have in mind.

This is such a pretty finish on this smaller dinette table.  Just a nice blue and white wash.  This would look great with some relaxed cotton white slip covered chairs around it! 

What about using something like this in a garage, basement, or boys bedroom?  I think it would add a great deal of impact to any decor. 

This is the style of window I requested.  I am keeping my fingers crossed to see if they come across 2 of this type of window with 8 panes.  I have seen antique windows used in a lot of different home decor projects across blog land.  They are very versatile!   

 Anyone for a butcher block island or side table?  All I can say is WOW!  That is one thick piece of wood.  This would look great in a farm house!!

 Outside in their barn wood storage room.  I could spend a while in there picking through all of the neat pieces.

 The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe?   We had these types of cabinets in England when I was little.  They were so quaint!  With a pretty finish you could put this in a guest room and I bet your guests would love it!

 And the piece de resistance, this Gorgeous farm house table!  The detail work brings the table up another level.  The picture does not do it justice.  I think it is about 10 feet long.  Again, this style of table paired with some beautiful white cotton slip covered chairs would be perfect.  Throw 3 vases full of green hydrangea down the center and call it finished :)

Come back tomorrow to see what picture I chose to paint and to see the completed Painting!